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Tara Appleby


Pensacola, FL, US

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The Sun God


Tara Appleby

My flesh is surrendered
to the Sun God,
One sacrifice placed
on his dinner plate.

He grasps me tight, as I am risen
to his face. His teeth pierce me at once,
dripping warm oil that falls from his face.
Reverberating shivers start to swim
through my veins.I receive tingling new energy
as a trade for my pale skin, taken, as I am made,
darker and more intense.
He has overpowered me and as I lie
still, he squeezes my soul once again.

At last, satisfied
by his human communion,
he slowly places me back
where I began, satiated.

I will miss him
hungrily feasting on me,
as frightening as he
may sometimes seem,
for when he floats behind his shroud
of clouds, he takes a piece of me.

On The Porch


Tara Appleby

Taken aback,
What an intense impression
you make.

I listen
to your stories,
magnatized to your side,
in your eyes.
I struggle to find focus,
wanting to give you
my utmost attention.

My mind, still perplexed,
not knowing
where to go next.
I ponder your words
flowing towards me,
in a smooth groove.
But my thoughts
continue to lingr
on my formost attraction-
your strong form.

All of your elements,
balanced, in place.
I take it all in,
into my heart,
You fill every space.

Venturing into the Unknown


Tara Appleby

The depth of a dark room, hallowed out space,
Horrid is such an unknown place,
Destined to irk us all.

Palms grow wet, your fluid
races, chasing itelf from start
to finish, unknown is the cause.

Drawing near still filled with fear,
lack of light slowly draws together,
forming a cold empty soul.

You double back, think twice, a stranger
imagined, falls to dust, the image
crushed, necessity now made false.

An enemy invented, then conquered,
by one sole player. Causing intimidation,
your mind's creation, afraid of yourself.

Insight sits on the windowsil,
A ghost debating her mysterious entrance.
If your scared shell should soften,
She will float through you.



Tara Appleby

A few short months left,
Don't look back, have no regrets,
Live for what comes next.

Discovery Road


Tara Appleby

we jump into our ride
we peel open our minds
we spread out our wings
we blaze a trail of flight

we sucessfully make our escape
we abanden the past where it lies
we focus keenly on the distance
we hold the truth in out eyes

we are engolfed by the night
we sparkle and we shine
we drift through air and water
we embibe our fruitful wine

we stretch forward to great lengths
we rush time and travel fast,
we savor each action in our mouths
we carefully create the present to last

we let ourselves turn inside out
we reveal how we were made,
we appreciate the art of comprimise
we have steadfast faith in fate

we know the evils of this world
we make the choice to quickly dismiss,
we are wonderstruck and delightfully different,
we fall into the earth, and find bliss.



Tara Appleby

Long ago men threw stones,
Land and lives were taken,
Battles were won and lost,
The earth moaned.

Duels to the death, woman taken
For fools, put down in low places,
Abused and confused, for centuries
They lived, and no progress made.

The bloodshed of lions
And men entertained, violent lives led.
Ignorance, its force wouldn't move, caused
By no interest in knowledge or truths.

Those in power had chosen
To neglect all the rest, people born poor,
Floored by the gap, growing,
That left them trapped,
Barbaric and uncivilized.

In the past, we were that way
Barbaric and uncivilized,
But what would you call us today?