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Joseph Apel


Las Vegas, NV, US

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A Soldier Comes Home


Joseph Apel

For three long days, he's been on this train,
And home is only three hours away
It should all be over, his suffering, his pain,
Yet he's numb, he has nothing to say

He sits by a window, blindly staring at the glass, His medals glisten in the warm rays of the sun
And that's all he sees, reflections of military brass,
He sees the sacrafices for each and every one

His uniform is spotless, he is a figure to behold,
His stoic posture is steeped with pride
Yet he knows a horror, a story never to be told,
The evils of war he keeps locked inside

As the train carries him closer to his civilian life,
His body starts to shake from a sudden fear
He has been untruthful in his letters to his wife,
He only wrote of things she wanted to hear

He wonders, is he worthy of an Angel such as she,
How can he not soil the purity of her soul
To survive he found his darkness, and set it free,
And now, he fears the darkness is in control

Suddenly, he is overwhelmed, and starts to cry,
The people all around him start to stare
Their whispers sound like thunder from a stormy sky,
Their disgust for him srips his soul bare

He is completely alone now with his horrors of war,
He is forsaken because of his painful tears
In this soldiers moment of need, they shut the door,
Yet he forgives them, he understands their fears

And then he heard a voice, feeble, yet oh so sweet,
It warmed him and love filled his heart
There, was an old Lady, standing beside his seat,
And with her smile, his darkness fell apart

God loves you precious child, she said wiping his face,
Lovingly, she fixed his hair with an ancient comb
She smoothed out his shirt, put his medals back in place,
Then she hugged him and said Soldier, welcome home