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Chauvinist Meets Feminist at Impressionists Show



Off to the art museum to see
the show! There I find available
a nubile docent, bright and sexy,
with whom I later share a table
at the nearby quiet coffee bar,
an easy stroll. Then we take my car
to an afternoon cocktail lounge;
and over dry-martini rounds
I hear her dis Impressionists,
"His dancer floats like a feather,
but didn't Degas paint and then mount her?
They were such pigs, those male chauvinists"!
She snarls; I riposte, try to assuage
her wrath, blunt her feminist rage.

We spar a while, then go hand in hand
to a conflicted assignation;
and both wrangling parties think it grand
that neither digs masturbation.
I explain I've never had a bris,
that my wiener has been schnitzeled less
for religious reasons than hygiene.
She makes a great orgasmic scene,
and I am definitely impressed
by this act of feminine brio.
And she's not from Actors Studio!
Credit to my quick tongue is expressed;
she's let me have my way,couldn't resist,
for I'm such a "cunning linguist"...