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Nnamdi Anyahara


Ibadan, OYO, Nigeria

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Nnamdi Anyahara

If quiet reigns again---
Over this tattered roof,
Blowing blissful breeze
Upon these dry, flaky souls
Torn and dispersed by tribal hates---
From our waywardness we shall refrain.

If quiet reigns again---
And tames the fierce-looking sky,
Chills her heat-burning eye
Hung above our ill-fated land
Like a watcher’s halogen light---
Our confidence we shall regain.

If quiet reigns again---
After wandering through
This wilderness called life,
And passing through
Those troubled days in distant lands---
Then the unity in peace we shall attain.

If quiet reigns again ---
And Hope on the horizon smiles
Like a young moon in the skies,
Illuminating the path of Justice
Ever shut against these dejected souls---
Together we shall remain.

If quiet reigns again---
Aftermath of the storm-dawn raid
And the drifts of the whirl Westwind
Which in us carved a hallucinatory mind---
Then shall the displaced be gathered
From far-flung corners of the globe
To settle at the foot of the might Zion.

Shall quiet ever reign
So that the distressed wretched bones
Of these war-stricken zones,
May chorus a freedom song
To knock off the hold
Of Babylon!