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Francisco Antunes


Lisbon, Portugal

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Something about you


Francisco Antunes

Dedicated to my eternal love: Francisca Martins Carneiro

Something about you really puts me down
you are the life of the party, the toast of the town
Something about you really picks me up
like a hot cup of coffee in a hot coffee cup

You know it couldn´t be me
If it wasn´t for you
I feel like shit and look like plastic
But I will get through

People look at me as they flood through the door
I need your attention not theirs anymore
You know I want to hug you
You know I want to kiss you
Like a dear old pop and you know I really miss you



Francisco Antunes

I´ve tried and I´m tryin´to change my mind.You know it couldn´t be
me if it wasn´t for you,I feel like shit and look like plastic but I´ll
get through.

VICTIMS?!? Aren´t we all???

I´m feeling kinda dizzy now.Please remain calm and do not leave your
seats.The plain has now arrived to Los Angeles,California.See ya´
on the other side,Paul!

Prepare to BUM!

My real name is not El Matador.
I´m from Lisbon,Portugal.I´m known here by Capitão Fantasma,which means
the captain of the ghosts.
I´m eighteen years old and I´m going to blow your fuckin´head off.

Please don´t forget me.

DRACUL-The eternal love

P.S:I love chica