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Aurora Antonovic


Ontario, ON, CA

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Aurora Antonovic

Immersed in sweetest poetry,
Swathed in a rhythm so sublime,
Enraptured in its dearest verse,
I bathed myself in rhyme.

Caught up in the melody,
Compelled to hum along,
Wrapped up in the heady tune
Of your poetís song.

Romanced by the sway of sonnets,
The coupletís purest rise or two,
Swept up in metered mesmerism,
I lost myself in you.

Sonnet Slumber


Aurora Antonovic

The stars came down in harmony,
Assembled, sparkling, in mid-air,
The night took on, in midnight hue,
Meticulous, black velvet care.

The moon hung steadily in place,
And shone in watchful, brilliant glow,
The sky waited, in reverent hush,
As all was still, in sleep, below.

Imagine my delight to find,
After I slept so peacefully,
That I awoke with thoughts of you,
And found Iíd dreamt in poetry!

On The Beach


Aurora Antonovic

I whisper
Your secret name
Into the wind.
The one I cannot
Bring myself
To call you to your face:

A Blush


Aurora Antonovic

A blush
Steals up its way,
And settles its pinkness
On my cheeks
For all to see.
I cannot hide,
The fact that I --
Love you.

I Need To Fall In Love Again


Aurora Antonovic

I need to fall in love again,
To once more come alive,
To be enraptured, swept away,
My spirit must revive!

It neednít be a big event,
It could be a small thing:
A babyís sweetest, sleeping form,
An angelís whispering wing.

A colourful, soft swirl of cloth,
A tapestry so bright,
A barren tree thatís bold and brave,
The play of darting light.

The brilliant blaze of sunlight,
The moonís luminous glow,
The sparkling stars' resplendency
On crystal mounds of snow.

A perfect petal of a rose,
Bathed in soft, scented dew,
The frolic of springís dancing wind,
A task completed through!

A day that ends with peaceful dreams,
A painting that compels,
A moving verse of poetry,
A churchís pealing bells.

A song that stirs the heartstrings,
A melody so clear,
Someoneís strength of character,
A good intent, sincere.

A loverís gentle caress,
The nearness of a friend,
The touching of two distant souls,
A weeping willowís bend.

I need to fall in love again,
I look, anticipate,
And when it comes, Iíll know it,
And until then, Iíll wait.

I Am Restless As The Ocean


Aurora Antonovic

I am restless as the ocean
I am troubled as the sea
Chopping, churning billows rolling
Tossing, turning torturedly
And no solace do I find
To ease the tempest of my mind.

I am reeling as the ocean
I am changeful as the sea
Waiting for the storm to quiet
Watching agitatedly.
My heart pulsates with the deep
Throbbing with each pounding beat.

I am rising as the ocean
I am whirling as the sea
Turmoil gaining every hour
Troubling, joining, in its power
Wondering, worrying aimlessly,
Will you ever think of me?

Your Love


Aurora Antonovic

Your eyes
Never leave me
When we are together,
They are like a
Lingering caress,
That begins
At the top of my head,
And flows with the waves
Of my hair,
All the way
They trace the outline
Of my every curve
With the kind of
Gentle brazenness,
That only
Age-old intimacy
Can bring about.
They repeat the pattern,
Again and again,
All the while burning,
Your love,
Into my soul.

Things I Want To Save


Aurora Antonovic

The way you breathe tonight,
Lying peacefully beside me;
The way you hold me,
In the crook of your arm
So protectively,
As if I am a glass figurine
Of priceless worth,
Which could easily shatter
If not handled just so.
The way we sleep,
In some sort of nocturnal ballet,
Our bodies in fluid motion,
Always touching,
Always holding,
Ever reluctant
To let go.
The way your eyes plead,
When you tell me
That I am
The only one for you,
They speak as though
They are begging
Me to understand
That my love is
To your soul.
The way you brush my hair,
And then move it aside,
In one smooth column,
To kiss the back of my neck
And whisper your sweetness against it.
The way you breathe kisses into me
And murmur
My own words of poetry
Back to me
As though they were
The most cherished gift
A soul could want,
Accompanying them
With the gentlest of caresses.
If I could
I would put all of these moments
Into a big box
And draw them out
For the times
You arenít here
And press them against the side of my face
And next to my heart
While I breathe a soft sigh
And gently cry.