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Nicole Anthony


Blanchard, OK, US

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The Window


Nicole Anthony

The Window let's me see what I wish not to see, just alot of people running around and dieing, oh why oh why does this have to be out my window?

My window let's me look out when I am mad or sad, and let's me look at good things, but they might turn to bad, why is my window like this why does it have to be here?

Your window is the same as mine but I don't want to belive I can't image that you have to look out at the stuff I do, I just won't belive it. No one must look out as what i have to look out at. but I think to myself My window isn't the same. it has way much more haterd looking through than yours or anyone else's alone. so why must my window be here?

The window, this window, your window, my window alone, only see's the truth of the day. Only see's what really lies deep down inside of the heart of you and I. Only looks as deep or as bright as the sun does shine, but my window still I do hate. because of the day. or maybe night.

Oh window, why my window, why must I look out, but it's only a window without a doubt.