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Greenlinks Dream



I once had a dream
I saw Joel serving salami in the deli
Megan was folding towels not too far away
And coming to think of it, Patrick wasnt too far away either
Leaving the complex, a shiny new car drove past
On their way to the Catholic Club
As I recall, the passenger was reading a passage from Oprah
And smelt a lot like violets
It was a Greenlinks Dream......

I Must Not Live



My wretched flesh stings just adding to my pain
I must not live, I am a curse. What have I done?
She was the only one, my life now meaningless. Merely wasting flesh
I hate myself.

Her Flesh Since Rotten Away

I hate you jesus I blame you
You stole her
You made me worthless to myself
The only revenge

It suddenly is so clear
Sobbing through a smile....

When you've lost everything there is nothing more to lose, now my Revelation
unfolds before me
Back to School but with intent to spill the blood of christs' sheep
on my flesh

Christ, they will pay for your sins
Everyone guilty in my eyes
My blade warm in my moist hand
Who will be the first?

Quickly venturing into the bathroom, class is in session
I find a young girl in a stall, I am in love again
I want to take as many as I can
This little whore gutted on the toilet
Staring at her, I grow aroused
Warm wet pool spreads across the tile

This is not a replacement

Like a spider web no escape
This girls come in but never leave
I start to lose count of my victims
Blood to my ankles vindicates

They are on to me

I pierce my wrist
This part is easy....

Blood pours form my arm, I cannot let them take me
I give myself to satan, I will not let jesus have me