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Sally Anne


Nowra, Australia

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Sally Anne

That beautiful puppy, that is so trusting.
To treat him with cruelty, is so disgusting.
He means you no harm and just wants to please.
Donít beat him or kick him and let the kids tease.

A puppy is naughty and can be annoying.
To chain him all day, itís the soul youíre destroying.
Soon he will grow and be your best friend,
And stay by your side right up to the end.

This faithful creature, heís called mans best friend.
If left on his own, heíll start to defend.
He starts to attack and goes on the prowl,
So if you go close youíre met with a growl.

If you ignore, he then starts to roam.
The dog catcher takes, `cos he isnít at home.
Animal shelters, there isnít much room.
So the dog that once trusted, now meets his doom.

If heís not killed, then feelings of dread.
Heís sent to research. Heís better off dead.
Now so pathetic and cowering with fright.
This never seen and kept out of sight.

Always in pain and not long to live.
For a kind gesture the dog will forgive.
Those beautiful eyes and the need to be humble.
While people look on and watch his life crumble.

He lies on the slab, his head on his paws.
Where are the people this dog so adores?
Uncaring and callous, the tests now begin.
To condone all of this is a terrible sin.

Sadistic behaviour has just got to end.
So hopefully now we are starting a trend.
Children are taught to be so aware.
That animals need compassion and care.

To defend the dog with such a passion.
Years ago, it was out of fashion.
Now we fight and do it so well,
So the dog doesnít think heís living in hell.

Abuse of this sort for something so loyal.
It gets right inside me, I then start to boil.
Iím not very big and really not tough.
If you hate what Iíve said. I donít give a stuff !

coat of death


Sally Anne

I write down my thoughts just as they occur,
And now it's about the clothes that are fur.
Creatures are butchered just for their coat,
So uncaring people can wear them and gloat.

Death round their shoulders, they don't really care.
They have to be seen, so the fur they will wear.
Some of the people, they don't understand.
The death that they wear, is from their own hand.

Coats of this kind, and I'm not mistaken.
An animals life has to be taken.
With blood on their hands, just for a fashion.
To kill for a coat. Where's the compassion?

Does their conscience ever stir?
When they wear their nice new fur.
Slaughter for fashion. Will God forgive?
With their beautiful coats, he meant them to live.

Killings go on, always repeated.
Thanks to people who are conceited.
Did it feel pain on it's last breath?
So they could wear, the coat of death.

Creature's in cages, just so they breed.
making a coat, it's pelts that they need.
To live like this they have no zest.
It's cruelty at it's very best.

Take the fur and feel the pelt.
Did they think how the creature felt?
In a small cage and very forlorn.
So all vain people they can adorn.

My poems aren't written of love and devotion.
Most contain cruel, sadistic emotion.
For innocent creatures, their beautiful fur.
This type of killing we have to deter.

Upon this rhyme, if one is willing,
To try and stop this type of killing.
Then I'll fight for ever more.
To save the wild life I adore.



Sally Anne

The world with its insanity.
We live with such calamity.
Killing, fighting, guns and wars,
Double locks on all our doors.

Will we ever live in peace?
Why donít the killings ever cease?
God and Nature hand in hand,
I wonder if they understand?

That when they did their job so well,
Some are in a living hell.
Starving children everywhere,
Their eyes just showing sheer despair..

No more the land of milk and honey.
The largest strength of all is money.
For all the riches some do crave
They cannot take it to the grave.

To the hunger for power,
Going on by the hour,
And so many pertain,
to this self righteous gain.

admittedly that some perceive,
that first we give and might receive.
But to many who encumber,
In their minds weíre just a number.

Chemicals to the ocean go,
From the creeks they start to flow.
Going on their deadly run.
Nothing ever left undone.

Nature gave her soul and heart,
To forests from the very start.
All we do is recommend,
That all this beauty be condemned.

From the sky and to the ground.
The circle of life is going round.
So on this planet we can live.
Donít take more than we can give.



Sally Anne

Politicians! the decisions they make.
Never for us, but just on the take.
The power just going right to their head.
For once they should care for our country instead.
Devious in deeds, just to compete.
Ned Kelly would find them so hard to beat.
They make their excuses and think they are stars.
Itís our taxes that pay for their nice fancy cars.
They take all our money and bleed us all dry,
Then into our private lives they all pry.
The stupid things they do and they quote,
But all that they think, is how we will vote.
To most of us they seem so dense.
A child of ten could make more sense.
The stupid laws they pass today.
Itís the average person that has to pay.
They think theyíre right, without a doubt.
Then theyíll sell Australia out.
Through the seeds that they have sown,
Thereís not much left to call our own.
They think weíre clowns upon a stage,
And lie to us for their big wage.
Yet overseas and with great speed,
Goes all the things we really need.
Then buy it back at twice the money.
If it wasnít pathetic, this would be funny.
If we all did our finance this way.
We would be poor and thatís how weíd stay.
The land of Oz is the greatest place.
So many things we have to face..
So politicians should be aware.
They have to run this land with care.
Australia is the land of the free.
This is how it should always be.
This land so rich in mineral and ore.
.If they did their job right, weíd never be poor.
They should listen to people, hear what we say.
We are important. We give them their pay.
They should stop the deceit and just start to act.
Then with the people, theyíd have a pact.



Sally Anne

When people interfere and moan.
Is it because they feel alone?
Or boredomís there with nothing to do.
So they think theyíll pick on you.
What goes round inside their head?
Canít they laugh and joke instead.
When a dog barks, itís off to the pound.
A lot of deaf people would love that sound.
If a tree is in their way,
"Hold on a minute, that canít stay"
Donít smack children, thatís a sin.
Let kids go wild and make a din.
Teachers have no rights at all.
Let all the students have a ball.
People smoke and thatís their right,
But keep the smoking out of sight.
Donít dare argue, just obey.
So all the whingers have their way.
Destroy the bush for a passing lane,
So a few minutes they can gain.
What poisonous fumes? you have to be joking.
Anythingís better than people smoking.
Donít do this and donít do that,
Now weíll moan about the cat.
We want a rule so they donít roam.
Put them in a cage at home.
They just donít whinge, they want to teach.
Donít take that dog upon our beach.
Upon that beach we take our rod.
Then moan all day and think theyíre God.
Dogs soil the path, they should be dead.
Weíll tread on broken glass instead.
If overweight, then just get thin.
Donít care about the soul within.
Butter, sugar milk and bread.
Find something else to eat instead.
Sugar, salt and chocolate too,
None of this is good for you.
If the jar is pretty, we never hide,
Just think for once what it holds inside.
The stereo now donít have loud.
That can never be allowed.
Theyíll come up with some solution.
Now itís called noise pollution.
People in gaol, havenít been very good,
So in their past, theyíve been misunderstood.
The families theyíve crossed, have just had enough.
The do gooders say "we donít give a stuff."
When we work, weíre such a mess.
They invent a name and call it stress.
So now we have another perk.
Weíll stop at home and never work.
Off to a counsellor we can run.
Who seem to pop up one by one.
We all need one, oh! yes of course.
especially when there is divorce.
so to you whingers one and all,
You drive me up the bloody wall.
Get a life, and then refrain,
From being such a friggin pain.



Sally Anne

She looks in the mirror for ages and stares,
And thinks for a second "I wonder who cares".
She lays on the bed and tries to think deep,
But all she can do is breakdown and weep.

So many stories have yet gone untold.
Now the pictures before her start to unfold.
For seven long years theyíve both been apart,
Yet still he survives so deep in her heart.

The memories flood back with the love that they shared,
And the bonding they had was never compared.
He had raised their son with love and with care.
So when the Lord took him it just wasnít fair.

She brushes her hair thatís now turning grey,
And knows in her soul the memories will stay.
Again in the mirror she looks for awhile,
Thinks long and hard, and then starts to smile.

The guilt has now gone, the tears wiped away.
Sheís confident now, for this is her day.
The day has now come, to start a new life,
From this day on sheíll again be a wife.

She twirls round the room and then starts to sing.
Then out of the blue the phone starts to ring.
Her son on the phone, his voice full of pride.
He says "Itís the day youíll again be a bride".

Already at church she takes her sons arm.
A look in his eye, to make her feel calm.
As both of them start to walk down the aisle.
Their faces light up with a beautiful smile.

The man that is waiting, has shown her much love,
And her husband that was, smiles down from above.
As she takes the last step, she does so with grace,
And stands right beside him and looks in his face.

Now husband and wife, they walk hand in hand.
They smile at each other and both understand.
The suns in the sky and no sign of rain.
Sheís now very sure, you can love again.

The Guy With The Gun


Sally Anne

Shooting a creature, to some itís fun.
Would it be the same, if it had a gun?
How do you feel, what type of sensation?
When you leave behind such devastation.
Whatís in your heart when theyíre ready to die,
And the animal looks you right in the eye?
This cowardly killing is all so senseless,
When the living creature is so defenceless.
For a lot of the animals, so distinct.
Facing the gun, theyíre now extinct.
When nature kills itís for a reason,
Not because itís shooting season.
When all the ducks take to the air,
There is no targets to compare.
What courage it takes to make the aim,
Then miss the duck and make it lame.
Birds on the wing , flying so strong.
To shoot them down is dreadfully wrong.
When they leave the ground, itís a bullet they face.
This is just a human disgrace.
Shooting animals on the move.
Whatís this act youíre trying to prove?
Some are wounded and left to die,
Enough to make an adult cry.
The eagle so strong and soaring so high.
It needs to survive and it just wants to fly.
A gift from nature, for us to look after.
Not shot down with plenty of laughter.
Laws are made for all car parking,
And for dogs when they are barking.
But animal shooting seems okay.
Even left in pain, without much say.
Animal Welfareís fight when forced.
So shooting for fun is not endorsed.
All these great people fight and make clear,
That all our creatures should live without fear.
A lot of these people, have all got together.
To ban fun shooting for now and forever.
So all wild animals, born to be free.
From the guy with the gun, they donít have to flee.
People will fight till the battle is won.
So wildlife is safe from the guy with the gun.
For dingoís and wolves and all birds of prey.
So on this planet, theyíll see the next day.
From the land and to the ocean.
Let us show some emotion.
Let creatures live and laze in the sun.
This poemís for you. The guy with the gun.



Sally Anne

A little girl with fine curly hair,
Was given a puppy so she'd learn to care.
She was told to be gentle, he had to be fed,
And if she was good, he could sleep on her bed.
This little girl so gentle and kind.
No better home this puppy would find.
She insisted on Marzac for a name.
Anything else just wasn't the same.
Over the months a strong bond did grow,
That only a child and a dog would know.
They played for hours and biscuits she fed.
Always at night he slept on her bed.
He followed her the whole day long.
Only to her he did belong.
The love they had grew day by day,
And by her side he would stay.
One day, through a hole in the fence he went.
To look for him all day was spent.
Searching for him near and far,
Until they were told he was hit by a car.
To the little girl who had so much love,
Was told he was happy with angels above.
Every day she would sit and stare,
and ask why Marzac wasn't there.
For weeks she said "Marzac's my dog."
Her mother would listen and her eyes would fog.
Then one day without any fear,
Shouted and said "Marzac is here"
For over an hour she stayed on the floor.
Playing with Marzac like before.
"Marzac is here and he wants to play,
He's come to see me but he cannot stay"
Her beautiful eyes all aglow.
She said that Marzac had to go.
"Marzac has gone with the angels to play,
He won't come again, and he will not stay".
From then on in to this very day.
The name of Marzac she will not say.
So of course a new puppy came home.
So both of them together could roam.
This little girl with love in her heart.
She stayed so close, they were never apart.
She named him Bobby, so gentle she'd play.
Then Bobby went and died the same way.
"He's gone with the angels" Her eyes went dim.
"Never again will I play with him"
She was very quiet, her thoughts went deep.
As she grows, these thoughts she'll keep.
Like all of us her days did pass.
Until she said "Bobby's on the grass"
Was it a dream, or was it all true?
Perhaps it happens to only a few.
She said "Let's visit the angels today,
So with Bobby I can play"
This special child, her love so true.
Her parents didn't know what to do.
For her to be sad, it wasn't her style.
Anything, to see her beautiful smile
So to the shops for a dog who'll play.
She hopes this one isn't taken away.
This dog has her love, like her dogs in the past.
We hope and we pray that this dog will last.
This dear little girl is so very aware,
And wonders each morning if Sally is there.
All of these words are so very true.
So Maddy my love, this poems for you.
The bond with your dogs is so real.
I know in my heart just how you feel.

When People Hurt


Sally Anne

Sometimes the hurt we feel within,
We ask ourselves What was our sin?
What have we done, did we do wrong?
Or is it God's way of making us strong?
People will hurt without a care
And we always think this isn't fair.
Just let us think and then perceive,
That what they give, they will receive.
The views I have will never fade.
I'm not religious, this is man made.
God has his rules and these are set.
Whatever we do, we'll pay the debt.
From experience I have learned,
That when we're cruel, it is returned..
Bitterness eats at the very soul.
Don't let this be your only goal.
Some people are cruel and this is a fact.
No matter what, they will never have tact.
But a happy life will never begin,
If revenge won't go, and just sets in.
When revenge is in the heart.
It's only the host it tears apart.
You will never forget, but you will see.
When bitterness goes, you will be free.
Enjoy your life, look at the good.
Then all this hurt is understood.
Be happy, be strong and very proud.
Don't get bitter. Laugh out loud.
A lesson in life we have been taught.
When the bitter feelings we have fought.
For people who hurt, it isn't all sunny.
God pays all debts and not with money.

C'mon Clinton Help Us


Sally Anne

People in Timor, being killed like flies.
Every minute that passes another child dies.
So c'mon Clinton don't turn your back.
Don't you think for now, you've caused enough flak?
You're sitting back in your leather chair,
Another child killed, it just isn't fair.
Aussies are calling and graves are filling.
Not for oil that they are drilling.
Is this the reason you won't heed?
No compassion, just the greed.
Aussies have been there when you've called.
You still won't help and we're appalled.
Aussies have been there right by your side.
Fought along side you to save your hide.
We need your army to help us get through.
We are your allies, we want your help too.
Surprise us all and think with your brain.
Don't let children die in pain.
When you walk inside your church,
Think of the people you've left in the lurch.
Innocent blood stretches the street..
They are all human, not pieces of meat.
Us Aussie people we're not just a joke.
So c'mon Clinton be a good bloke.



Sally Anne

Carpets of colour, meeting the eye,
Bees that fly way up in the sky,
Crocus bulbs just coming through,
And wildflowers all in view.
Honeysuckle that fills the air,
Jasmine climbing everywhere.
Their perfume coming out at night.
During the day, a beautiful sight.
Roses now are losing perfume.
So many hybrids I have to assume.
Playing with nature they don't seem so real.
Although they're exquisite, it's just how I feel.
Catching tadpoles in a pond.
Frogs staring on from just beyond.
Most of these diminishing fast.
They're weaker than us and will not last.
Butterflies in all their glory.
Today it is another story.
Caterpillars killed by bait.
The butterfly is meeting fate.
Snail bait , killing all the snails.
Even sprayed when this thing fails.
Natures life, let us respect.
We're having such a bad affect.
The snails that come will eat the bait.
The birds eat this at a deadly rate.
All the insects, think where they've been.
On all the trees where poisons aren't seen.
Without any help, nature is trying.
The time has come when she is dying.
If all of us did one small thing.
Then in the future birds would sing.
Most of my poems they make people face.
That most destructive is the human race.
Bio diversity has to exist.
We must help nature and not resist.
I am a greenie and feel I must fight.
For nature is a beautiful sight.
She's calling for help, and this I believe.
She has helped us and her we deceive.

The Wolf


Sally Anne

Wolves need food and go on the prowl.
At night they look to the moon with a howl.
Steeped in tradition, this beautiful beast.
We made almost extinct for how they did feast.
Indians seen with the wolf and the bear.
All in the past and now very rare.
Let's all keep tradition alive.
The wolf, like us wants to survive.
The she wolf makes a beautiful mother.
They care for their young and love one another.
Take note some parents, when you have a child.
Learn from the wolf, how she acts in the wild.
Human beings, wolves rarely attack.
They stay together, hunt in a pack.
They kill to eat and to stay alive.
Gods intention, so they would thrive.
twenty five miles an hour they pace.
They have to run from the human race.
When they run, like lightening they streak.
What would we learn, if they could just speak?
This powerful creature runs in the night.
Face to face we'd have such a fright.
Stronger than us, it means us no harm.
Yet humans will kill without a qualm.
Pen to paper and it was billed.
All the wolves they should be killed.
How dare some people make this law.
Now all their prey in numbers soar.
Natures law when we interfere.
She makes the wildlife disappear.
Killings like this cannot be allowed.
Or all of us will join this crowd.
Trees have gone and concrete is flat.
The wolf has lost its habitat.
Destroying it all till the last tree falls.
Will we care when the last wolf calls?
Natures intention is cruel but so good.
These laws of hers have to be understood.
The wolf has a beauty all of its own.
Let us protect and leave them alone.

A Puppy For Free


Sally Anne

One day in the paper my daughter did see.
Some beautiful puppies and all for free.
My big old dog, he needed a mate.
So I walked up to the persons gate.
These gorgeous puppies all well looked after.
I picked one up with lots of laughter.
This gentle puppy, I wanted no other.
A Dalmatian by looks, had been her mother.
The first few days her antics were funny.
I never perceived she would cost so much money.
After three weeks she looked very sick.
On her small body I found a tick.
She laid very still, and yes you bet.
I rushed her off to the local vet.
To a dog, the tick is a curse.
I thought of this as I opened my purse.
Administered serum isn't real cheap.
But my puppy I wanted to keep.
Instructions I followed right to the letter.
After a week she looked a lot better.
This tiny puppy fought hard to live.
So whatever she chewed I did forgive.
Three weeks after to the very day.
Another tick came, determined to stay.
Paralysing most every part.
This puppy didn't have a start.
To the vet and needles she had.
This second time she was real bad.
She laid so still fighting for breath.
This tiny thing so close to death.
Her eyes so glazed but they would talk.
She desperately tried to get up and walk.
Throat muscles restricted, no water to drink.
Her will to live began to sink.
On the sixth day my appointment to keep.
To have my puppy put to sleep.
Food and water I had to deny.
Her head in my lap, I started to cry.
Only 3 months and looking so frail.
All of a sudden she wagged her tail.
She tried to move, she had blistered lips.
*I gave her some water in tiny sips.
Paralysed muscles were working again.
But from walking she had to refrain.
In just a few days she was tottering round.
Then in the garden she did bound.
Her will to live had pulled her through.
She had mischievous things to do.
With herself she made a pact.
That not one plant should stay intact.
When I thought that things were fine.
She would swing from the washing line.
The naughtiest dog I'd ever known.
Chew on things, bury a bone.
Muddy footprints on my dress.
Making such a dreadful mess.
Now full grown and not a pup.
On my garden I've given up.
This *FREE* dog has kept me poor.
Her love for me grows more and more.
She's so destructive and a pain.
For her, I'd do it all again.
She's paid me back with love in full.
I don't understand why people are cruel.
In my garden I look with despair.
I know deep down I really don't care.
Whether working or taking a seat.
A plant in her mouth to me she will greet.
Rules are set and she won't abide.
I think of the times she almost died.
Search your dog, and be true blue.
These nasty ticks hold on like glue.



Sally Anne

In Aussie waters we have our fears,
Especially when the shark appears.
This prehistoric slimline beast,
Attacks so fast to say the least.

It strikes with purpose and perfection,
Always in the right direction..
Made so right from the very start,
It rips and tears its prey apart.

When they circle for the kill,
Their massive jaws made like steel,
The skin so tough, their eyes so dead.
Can fill the toughest guy with dread.

These huge creatures of the deep,
Move all the time and never sleep.
They're not as cuddly as we need,
So we kill with frightening speed.

The shark to live, it has to kill.
Not like humans, to get a thrill.
Nature gives but never asks
Let us help her with the sharks