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Breathing through me....



As we lay close side by side,
his arms cradling me close to his heart,
I hear his heart beating and peace fills me inside...

As he rests his chin upon my head I feel his breath
blowing warmly through my hair and as I close my eyes
I know this is the place I've searched for all my life...

As his arms turn me to face him and his eyes meet mine,
tears come rolling down by eyes as the love through his
eyes glitters with such might....

"What did I do to deserve you...", as I whisper these
words through tears, his hands reach out and pulling
me up close, bring our lips to a sky where stars shine...

"My baby, your time has come to shine, to be bathed
in that love, that you yourself spread out freely
and openly, that love you've been praying for a long
You and I were meant to be one and now through
HIS love, our stars met in the sky...

The UNTOUCHED rosebud...



There's an UNTOUCHED rosebud out there
in the SECRET Garden, which glistens as
the sun kisses it with its' gentle rays
of golden light...

A rosebud still closed amongst a multitude
of buds that have blossomed into roses of
soft velvety pedals, will start to bloom and disclose
the rose it holds within the day your heart
will be united with the heart that has for
you being set aside...

As your lips will reveal to each of your hearts,
the love you've both been carrying and nurturing
for one another all this time,at this magic
moment the rose will bloom in all its' grace,
beauty and might.

Evening's Prayer



As I gaze out to the stars that glitter
in the night sky, my thoughts turn to
all the lonely hearts out there that
are looking at the same sky as I...

As I think about them, through the
open window of my tiny room, the
evening's cool breeze, sends a
quivering shiver down my spine...

How I wish, I could bring all the
homeless a warm blanket to shelter
their bodies from the cold of the night,
and how much do I long for to have arms
wide enough to hug everyone who feels
alone and unloved in life...

Taking a deep breath, I turn my gaze back
out to the glittering stars, where now
a tiny sliver of moon has also come to
shine, and as I make the sign of the cross
and bid the LOVING Father goodnight, in HIS
hands and in his arms I place all the hearts
that are crying out for a sign of love tonight...

In HIM, I know there's a place for everyone who
needs a hug, as well as an endless supply of
warm blankets to fight the chill of the night.

Inspiration from the Heavens



As I looked out to the blu skies,patched by fluffy clouds
and gazed at the tree branches stretched high above me,
swaying gracefully as the wind through them played
I found my eyes losing themselves in the dephts of
the blue skies...

They travelled through and above the clouds
and reached a place where a sun glowed bright,
a place that wrapped the heart with joy and
lit in it, a melody that had me dancing across
meadows of luscious grass where wildflowers hide.

Such moment of sheer pleasure and delight,I wanted
it to treasure and never have it come to an end,
so I closed my eyes and letting my body fall upon
the soft grass, layed breathless savouring the
scents of the flowers that all around me, stood high.

As my thoughts turned to the Creator of the beauty
that all around me was soo alive, a song from my
heart came pouring out, and tears of overwhelming
joy came flowing out of my eyes.
Such moments are TREASURED time, that come to us
to remind us, of how dear, loved and precious we
are to the ONE who with HIS breath gave us life

Shattered Trust



His hands, all over me,
I held my breath as I shivered with horror and shame
He's my dad and I love him, but never alone with him,
do I want to be at any time...
As I told mom, about the event, she looked at me in
silence and just told me to be carefull for with
aging men, at times weird ideas cross their minds...
I said nothing, but thought to myself, this is no
ordinary aging man, he's my father, one who once
I trusted with my life."