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What is Love?



Love is determination when the going gets tough

Love is sticking together and never giving up.

Love is forgiveness when something goes wrong

Love is understanding that now you're not alone.

Love is sentimental full of passion and romance

Love is a long walk, together, hand in hand.

Love is like a flower growing every day

Love is like a river streaming down the way

Love is emotional so tender and sweet

Love is the thanks given that God let your paths meet

Love is a flame burning brighter with time

Love is a wonderful sound like a bell's soft chime

Love is devotion, giving your life as a whole

Love is a wonderful story that will never be too old.

Love is aging together not once separating or pulling apart.

Love is giving someone the key to your heart

Love is a holding a baby, witnessing the miracle of life

Love is uniting in marriage, becoming husband and wife.

Love is a warm hug of comfort and of joy

Love is seeing an ultrasound, to learn it's a boy

Love is whispering intimate secrets all through the night

Love is kissing and making up after having a fight.

Love is gazing into his or her eyes and knowing what weighs on their mind

Love is a special gift so gentle and so kind.

Love is Him and Her who adore each other so much

Love is how they've been there for each other, never losing touch

Love is, most of all, a Heaven sent gift from God above

All of these things and more describe what I think of love.