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London, ON, CA

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W Angel

"for I AM, YOU ARE, ALL IS mind -
WE ARE Cellfs of consciousawareness-kind."

be gone ye ghosts and gobblins,
your only feat is fear...
as we, with love, solve problems,
no longer keep you here...
for love is as the light of dawn
to night's deep-darkest hours -
enlightened love to feast upon
for person's sake, not power's...

be quit ye spectral spirits,
ye phantoms and ye wraiths...
since love's a'borning here it's
almost visibly increasingly safe...
yet suddenly seems all the rage
to deck front yards with headstones
and other stuff from the Scary Age -
when Earth was "flat" (Before Headphones)...

be free, ye goulish vapors -
ascend, transcend, THE END...
forgive our weakness for "saviours"...
in the light of love we see god as friend...
our parents and other ancestors -
bless and set them likewise free -
did not guess any of our answers
because they'd never faced our emergency.

emergency has gone and is increasingly
global in nature - holistic - omni-inclusive...
but *emergency* indicates EMERGENCE... that final "E"
sound gives the experience immediate infusions
of energy and, miraculously, cooperativity...
Bucky Fuller posited the polarization forming
between tech-knowhow deployed as "killingry"
or common wealth as "livingry"... are you E-norming??

where are the lawyers who will argue self-sovereignty's case??
where are the preachers, the teachers, the reachers of our uni-race??
where are the the Newtons, the Galileos, the Leonardos??
where are the Shakespeares of the space-age scenarios??
which will it be: Gourmands vs. Useless Eaters, or inter-tegrity??
given a Father and a Son, what other gender might the Holy Ghost be??
birthlings don't have a lot to answer for - save their own live continuity...
birth is the innocent/ignorant beginning of cosmicreative auto-genuity

be gone ye ghostly ghoulish shades...
the *photon belt* of Sirius,
or The Pleiades
but "plE-a-dEz"> is serious---
ly enlightening, without and within -
as ray-diance is relatively Eternal...
on an Earth in a Universe - Real as skin -
shadows are like the black cone hats of witches,
and internal combustion engines are infernal...

imagine a motor that could run on compressed air -
can you get a feel for the techno-feasibility of that??
compressed air as a kind of "storage-battery" affair
for all *fuel-free* (pollution-free) sources of electrical energy
at each habitat - picture SCUBA-tank banks - and
air-powered appliances that bypass volts, ohms, amps
to perform *work* - directly expressed, then be restored
to the greater atmosphere from which it had been borrowed
by pumping it into non-explosive, non-corrosive holding cartridges
for later release as jets of force into turbogenerators... it's as
clear as the sky, as free as a breeze, as do-able as flight...
to paraphrase Victor Hugo: ideas whose time has come
are more powerful than even a new-world-army's might...