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James Andrews


Rawlins, WY, US

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The light that brightens the shadow of a life


James Andrews

Dearest Jenn,

You are the light that brightens the shadow of a life I have lived thus far. Your beautiful blue eyes remind me that there are wonders yet to see. Your smile gives me hope that there is laughter yet to be had. The sound of your voice causes a euphoria in my soul that has never been there before. Your small feminine hands make me ever mindful of the frailty of life and to live every day.

It is true, that I want for your body, to hold the shell that contains the spirit that I love, and yes, to be inside you embracing your sexuality. How could I not? You have enthralled every part of me. My mind, my spirit, and yes, my body all yearn to be with you. If it is a sin to feel this way or to act on these feelings then I would willingly, knowingly and happily put my soul in jeopardy to be with you!

Please, forgive my whimsical and amateurish attempts at wooing you through e-mail. I know full-well that this will not speak to your soul the way it has come from mine. I must, however, endeavor to be with you. You have stolen my heart, and though you have tried to give it back, I can not take it back. It is not the same as it was before we met. Rather, I would live with out my heart then to live with out you owning it.

Always and Truly yours,