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Jerry Andrews


Temple, TX, US

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Long Gone Love


Jerry Andrews

A love I had once, long ago,
Haunts me still, it seems,
For when I fall asleep at night
She comes to me in dreams.

I know I can't possess her,
I know I never will,
But I can hold her in my heart
And ease my pain at will.

She was wounded when I found her,
Gave her love and made her whole,
Then her old love came and claimed her
And she left and took my soul.

In my dreams at night I hold her,
In my dreams she loves me still,
Yet I know I can't possess her,
And I know I never will.



Jerry Andrews

A sweet and tender soul
That I once knew
And loved, who once loved me,
Has taken wing and
Left this plane
And moves now
Through eternity.

She knows the answers we all pose
The ones we'd die
To know,
The secrets sealed
Beyond the grave,
The wonders death

So love her now in memory
But pity not her state...
She's in a new dimension now
And such is all men's fate.



Jerry Andrews

Willow walk with me
Leave your love the river
To run her solitary course
From bottomland to sea.

Willow walk with me
Legends say you can
Shake off the long green leaves
And take the shape of a man.

Willow walk with me
Tell of your love who drowned
And makes you weep
And spend your life eternally
Beside the waters deep.

Tell me how she fell
When the hurricane came through
And though you tried to save her
There was nothing you could do.
You could not move, could you?

Willow wipe your tears
And hear me when I say
Though you'll not find her here
You'll be with your love one day.

When all goes to the source
And all is reunited with the core
And all is peace forever
And discord is no more.