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William Andrewartha


Camborne, England, UK

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green leaves in summer


William Andrewartha

Green leaves in summer look cool and bright theyb open wide and reflect the light.

During the day they sway in the wind and at night they go back in.
In daylight flowers by the sick bed can cause plesure and be like a friend.
At night the flowers by ones sick bed can help bring the end.

They breath in carbon monoxide all day long and out oxygen andcause no harm.
But by night they breath in oxygen and out carbon and we can't be sure no harm will be done.

We give them a drop to drink and some feed for just like us theses are things they need.

Just like us with out these things they die unlike us they can't scream out and cry.

On the beach at Watergate bay


William Andrewartha

I walk on the beach I see the sun going down
It might be the end of the day but no need to frown

The people leave, go back home
To Truro Looe and Camborne too

In cars trains and buses they travel
Also Walking accross green fields sand and gravel

Once home they put on the kettle
Tea is made from a clump of nettle

Once more it's goodbye to the shaw
They put bucket and spade back behind the door.

Tomorrow its back to the beach
To tan brown all that is currently peach

They will take factor twentyfour to rub in
It's all they have for protecting the skin

Some have a costume that they whare
Others well they prefer to go bare

There are whole beaches were you can go as nature intended
You can stay until another day is ended