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Karilyn Andrew


Palmerston North, NZ

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Karilyn Andrew

The ache that cried so hard
shattered my bones
and the insides
against the walls
leaving marrow stains
that lingered between
paisley and crimpoline
long after the seventies
were dead

1,2,3,4,5,6,7, ...


Karilyn Andrew

I remember Black
playing hide n'seek
with Blue while
the sun was counting
to a thousand.

I remeber that Grey
got too heavy for the angels
to hold and fell to the ground
when it was the suns
turn to hide.

When the neighbours came
to play I hid Black
and Blue under the
bed where no one
could find them.

I think Grey just
hid with



Karilyn Andrew

Scraping the remains of myself off the walls
in the lapse of time that holds my life in limbo
I wonder how to put myself back together
this time?
and if there's any rhyme or reason
to the design that is me?
and will I always be destined for walls
or will I start using doorways
like everyone else?



Karilyn Andrew

I was worthy then
I am worthy now
yet still you won't
say anything

My heart crumples up
and folds in on itself
uncared for and
unheard by

You are busy with your
important things
that must come
first in your

Yes of course I understand
that you have feelings
for me, theoretically
speaking, that

I am sad.

Both Hands


Karilyn Andrew

You reach into my belly
with both hands
grabbing hold of
my ache
that only burns your flesh
leaving charred bones
that crumble into ash
as you withdraw

Go now and find
some loving anointment
to heal your handless hands

You cannot
touch another
and survive
unless your fire is
the same.



Karilyn Andrew

vaguely haunted
breathing no answers
I lived only in the Autumn
of my truth

the elusiveness of the question
stopped pulling punches
smashing my will
into stained glass shards

my unsensed soul

no escaping wisps to
colour my dreamtime
yet no discomfort of loss
in my waking hours

my answers would at best
remain questions unspoken
laid to rest within my tomb

WIthout my medicine
and WInter to come.

Wellington in Winter


Karilyn Andrew

She would not survive another
The chill had taken leave of the Kaikoura's
whipping up salty tears as it crossed the Strait,
depositing itself in her marrow
For the Duration.

Thin of frame, her bones had ached.
The harshness seeping from them,
had formed a whirlpool, salty, in the place
where the nameless child had lay
She drowned in the icy saline.

Perpetual greyness, then.
Skies. Streets. Suits.
Constant rain, as if the
sky had cried for two lives
washed away.
The Man had not.

If only her coat were warmer.