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Rebecca Andreansky


Clearwater, FL, US

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Until Later


Rebecca Andreansky

The storm has ended and all is calm
The sea expresses a misty balm
The doors are open for all to come
But no one shows

The windows shine with brand new glass
A reflection slightly of the past
The curtains flutter in the air
But no one is there

The quiet seeps in like waves on the shore
To tell us all what is in store
The silence dances on the hard wood floor
Only to say nevermore

The rain has fallen like beads of prey
A drop of feeling to end this day
The water tumbles like children at play
As I watch it slowly roll away...

In the Garden


Rebecca Andreansky

In the garden where you grew the children
Like flowers we were all different
But from you we were all the same
The seeds you planted are wonderful reminders of you
The will to be part of you will live on in the garden
for you see, your garden is me



Rebecca Andreansky

As we wait this winter day
we see the children as they play

We stand so still to sounds unheard
grabbing slowly at their stares

We spend our moments one by one
so afraid you won't be there

As minutes spin to winds of time
and dance abruptly in the air

The time we had drops to the ground
more than seconds can ever bear