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Past Love



The very first day I saw you, my heart beat at unimaginable you slowly looked over at me,I suddenly had an unfamiliar need.Whatever the reason may had been,I didn't know what it was...but all I could really think about,was if whether or not what I felt was love. I don't know why I felt this way,I had barely even known you...but there was something special about your beauty,that made my feelings come true. As time passed by, your beauty left my sight...but my feelings were so powerful, that they were just too strong to fight. As you were about to leave,my body screamed out the word stop...I might of been crazy for doing it,but my yelling put you on the spot.You quickly turned around,and asked me if i knew... all the terrible things in your life, that you had to go through. But all I could really say,was how powerful your beauty was...and then you sadly told me, what I had wasn't real love. And then you left me standing there,wondering what love meant...but once I realized that I was alone,I knew without you my life would have a lonely dent.