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Gordon Anderson


London, England, UK

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The Lover's Wish


Gordon Anderson

When you stumble let me take your arm
When you lose your way let me be your light
When you drift let me guide you home
And when you are in pain let me be your comfort
When you cry let me chase your tears away
And when life leaves you feeling alone let me hold you close

But more...
When you reach your goals let me share your high
When you feel great joy let me echo your laughter
When your heart sings let the tune be mine too
And when your body needs another let mine be your fill
When the sun shines on you let it reflect my love
And when you walk through life let me stay by your side... forever by your side.

I Looked Upon The Fool


Gordon Anderson

I looked upon the fool
A distant star cast in his eye
I asked him of life and our purpose
He repeated the word; why why why?

Why for every gain you enjoy
People who share your world lose
Why for all the love you boast
Will millions of children tonight know abuse

Why when you live with greater health
Will young life be squandered today
Why when you eat more than your fill
Will whole peoples know hunger will stay

Why do you continue to arm your tyrants
Only to see them kill their own sons
Why is it you protect your own young
Children of troubled lands carry your guns

Why do you pretend to stand for the free
When women are raped and oppressed
Why do you stand by and watch suffering
When you have the power to redress

Why must you steal the worlds goods
To satisfy your own selfish greed
When we are all of the same blood
We are all of the same creed

I looked upon the fool
A gentle tear fell from his eye
I saw he was not the fool I thought
The real fools are you and I