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A. J. Anderson


Broomfield, CO, US

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A. J. Anderson

We are two, the earth and the moon,
Both intimately joined by an invisible bond.
One radiates life, harmony, activity, simple movement.
The other revolves around that which she will never be.
We circle through time and space,
Mark our ellipses, and retrace the steps of our paths.
I have followed you but minded my way.

Eons I have known you, and you me;
You turned eyes to me,
Idolized me, recognized a wonder in my face.
But you always kept me at bay,
Silently citing the same source of our attraction.

I have moved you in ways you cannot explain,
Set your rhythms, inspired the beat of your heart.
Every aspect of life you possess is driven, affected by me.
But as a lurid face reveals herself to you,
I am nothing but an afterthought,
Should the thought occur to you at all.

I see my world, but I donít see me in it.