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Isaac K. Ampem-Daako


Accra, Ghana

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Love her when her mind grows


Isaac K. Ampem-Daako

Hey! Young woman, daughter of vanity
Her hairs and hue, a hare
Hasty. Hate her in her hay-days
Though dainty; inflicts pain and in her
No pangs: runs from arm to arm
Conscious of her forget-me-not that blossoms
Blooms bounteously, a bouquet but a bogey
Wastes her energies on her appearance
She shall be blandished and hoaxed
Picked for domestic decoration
Treated like an object, discarded when disused.
Oh yes the half moon is beauteous
But the full moon glows with grandeur
She shines, brightens in the midst of stars
In a darkly night when the sun is no more
So is the flower that grows to maturity
Her seeds rejuvenate her youthful hue
When the dew sits in the early morn.

On The Day When Nature Shall Take Me To The Altar.


Isaac K. Ampem-Daako

Let us kiss under your veil

When I am finally united unto you:

Your greatly dense veil, your hair

Shall cover me from the staring eyes

Those onlookers having a glimpse

At you and I as your breath

Like a lemon grove

Like fine assorted fragrances

Graces and warmly ushers me home.

I shall explore your vast stature,

Oh my dearest lover,

From your twin towering pointed peaks

Down your bosom, right away

To your flat stomach, to your naval

Where I shall explore further - below

Your abdomen to the sacred grove

Where your great shrine is planted.

I beg of thee,

My dearest one,

But of one thing

A little favour -

Oh a duty

Done at all shrines

Let me offer my sacrifice

A burnt offering to your deity

An offering of fragrances.

And as the smoke hovers

Around you, zigzagging

May it pave the way

For my gallant entry

Into your abode:

Your bosom may I lie safely down.

Bury me not on the fields

Where stunted flowers

Of human spent love grow

But in the thicket

Where wild flowers

Make their shady canopies

There find me a grave.

That I might hear

The bees buzz

And smell the sweet nectar.

Bring no wreaths either

For the wild trees shall offer

A thousand times more

Filled with unadulterated passion

True feelings they may carry.

And my epitaph

Think of none

But one:

"He who loved nature

And whom nature dearly loved."

To My Kind


Isaac K. Ampem-Daako

I write my lines as I like them

I speak my thoughts as I think them

I am of my own kind

No, not for my kind

Not even for mankind

There is a wise man in foolsí conglomeration

There is a fool amid a wise congregation

As birds chirp to welcome day-break

So frogs croak, crickets creak

Ever appreciative of a pending night

I think of my kind against mankind

The curtain between black and white

Why, think colour alone stretches the line?

Bewildering story of man and ape

Long over centuries told and taped.

Common features both have

Superior assertions of one over the other

Have blemished my kindsí image

But would not accept even to this age

Perhaps two apposite extremities

In varied proportions to a specie:

As the west clad in all her glamour

Never think there isnít room for the poor

Think not it is all sadness amid the fetid air

Amid the fetid air, life spawns, very gay

In the searing sun of hunger are gluttons of no pain

But I still think of my kind

Are we sub humans?

No we are not, except we are-

Reckless, destructive and selfish

Greedy and painfully mundane

Is that it, really?

Wait awhile and ponder

Cogitate and weigh

I tell my view as I though it:

On a parch of land rich and green

Situates in a marsh, benighted pools

That habitat mosquitoes, germs and frogs

Demented elephants that pull down the trees

Having no regard for the result of their actions:

With few gems beneath the pool,

When they find light, they sparkle

It is no gem, the pool it self.



Isaac K. Ampem-Daako

Think of the beauteous flowers
Ekeing out pleasant fragrance
With busy bees busying and buzzing
To find pleasant nectar
That makes sweet delicious honey
And you will know it is nature.

Have you ever thought of this? -
That high up the mountains
In between the ranges lies a fountain
Fresh with life
Growing cold and cool
With shady trees and calm environs:
Of that, beautiful birds
With nice voices sing and praise.
Yes that is nature.

'Wao! what a bright morning'
You will exclaim
When the first rays of the gracious sun
Touch the surface of the water bodies
Forming glistening sparkles
Giving a dazzling touch
To please lovers of beauty,
Rember that is nature.

Nature embodies beauty
Nature embodies life
She is in you
She is in the fine trees
She is in the lovely birds
And the wondrous animals you love.
Your environ of bright colours
Is nature itself
For life and beauty are in it.
If you destroy the trees
Annihilating the birds
And the wondrous animals
Know, you harm nature
You, an embodiment of her
You harm yourself.