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Bryan Christopher Amos


Madison, AL, US

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Taller than any manmade tower, is the heart and soul of freedom’s power


Bryan Christopher Amos

Terror strikes from clear blue skies; airlines crash; a nation cries.

Smoke rises from Twin Towers high, people screaming as thousands die.

Buildings leveled to the ground, how many loved ones will be found?

Bodies missing, broken dreams, so many lives torn at the seams.

Few will live; many will die, tears of terror for those that try.

Questions asked about the crash, a search for answers in the trash.

Anger rises from deep within; murder is a mortal sin.

Answers asked, but none are know, has a war come to our home?

Answers asked, trouble at home, where is the safety we have known?

Hearts are broken, tears now fall; prayers are said for one and all.

Many rushed to those in plight; ground ‘o’ is now their burial site.

Hero’s soared in moments of stress, as Americans wonder, is this country blessed?

Hero’s that rose up in the dark moments of stress, as many ran bravely to meet this new test.

Hero’s who came in Fireman’s dress, many died bravely as they gave us their best.

People unite in spite of the pain; emotions as twisted as each building’s frame.

Our hearts were drained; their bodies were strained, as they searched endlessly in vain for the innocent lives that were tragically slain.

Buildings twisted, broken glass, endless digging as the hours passed.

America mourned by candlelight, endless vigils, night after night.

Minutes like hours, hours like days, most were caught in the violent haze.

The President spoke to the world press, when he spoke to the nation in his Union Address.

We’ll rise up like an Eagle and find our prey, for each life lost they will dearly pay!

He said, "they can touch us, but we’ll meet each new test, in the end they will see, America’s blessed!".

Yes, they can touch us, but we’ll rise up and fight, our bombs will now fall from the stealth’s of the night.

He said, "they can touch us, but we’ll rise up and fight, our people are strong and they’ll know our might!".

Our Nation’s pain is their Nation’s plight, as our bombs rain endlessly down into sight!

Homeland Security now up in place, off to the UN to make our case.

We’ll get who did this; Bin Laudin will pay, even Saddam wont get away!

We’ll rise up from these fires of hell and track down every terror cell.

From Afghanistan to the land of Iraq, we will stand our ground and launch an attack.

Bound as a Nation, strong and proud, we wont stop until the enemy is found.

America, the great home of the free; a proud nation we will always be.

In our stars and stripes we take great pride; from our stern resolve they cannot hide.

In our grief our Army’s will form, and soon their leaders will feel our storm.

Jealousy from these evil few, but soon they’ll payback what is due!

In our grief our Armies form, regardless of the world’s scorn.

We know what’s right, just and true, and what were doing has honor too!

Throughout our history we weathered each storm, in each case we were reborn!

Throughout our history when our hearts were torn, we were stoned with hurtful words of scorn.

Sticks and stones may break our bones, but our tanks and bombs will slam their homes.

Their innocent will not intentionally die, because we know so well their heartfelt cry!

As tragically as this story goes, the enemy will gravely feel our strategic blows.

At a price of more lives lost, terrorists will pay a deadly cost.

A coalition of world powers, will seek a payment for those towers.

Their regime will surely fall, because freedom stands extremely tall.

Taller than any manmade tower, is the heart and soul of freedom’s power!

Our flag is made from honorable dreams, not sown like some with violent schemes.

Throughout our history we rose up from each fire, and in the end, our flag of freedom always rose higher!



Bryan Christopher Amos

They say in Time you will forget
and possibly forgive
To be broken,lost and lonely
And drifting into open space
I must move on...