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Juliet Amherst


Jacksonville, IL, US

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Ode To a Betrayed Friend


Juliet Amherst

So you feel like a fool
(Believe me, that's OK.)
So you feel used
(He doesn't deserve you anyway.)

Hold your head up high
(You're doing so, I see.)
I admire your spirit
Cause if it were me
I'd beat that bastard to a pulp.

I Run the Show


Juliet Amherst

I get so sick of all of you
Crowding me in, telling me what to do
Thinking you know what's right for me
Well, you see-you don't

It used to torment and worry me so
What I should do, where I should go
To please anyone who knocked on my door
I've just realized I don't want to anymore

My life is a show
A classic piece
With music and laughter and a whole lot of dreams
Sometimes there's a glitch
But I can handle it
I make the decisions
I run the show

I sat in the audience, filled with rage
While you took over my special stage
I'm taking it back, I'm tired of you
And to mine own self I must be true

I run the show that is my life
While you, my audience, sit and observe
And you can be enthused and cheer
Or polite and pitter-patter
Or unsatisfied and walk out
Whatever you do, though, I'm going on!

From now on
I rule my own world
It's a little scary
But then, I'd rather be nervous (yet strong) on stage
Than forever waiting (weakly) in the wings
Don't anyone forget
That I run the show