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Edward A. Amen


Elmwood Park, IL, US

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I'm Fine Just Fine


Edward A. Amen

The lights are out everyones gone
I smile and tell them everythings fine
I lie here alone with my pain
The tears come no more, I'm beyond that

The nurses try so hard to make it better
I struggle a smile one more time
I'm fine sweetie don't fuss over me
I'm fine, I'm just fine

No one came tonight everyones gone
No family, No more friends
Have I really been around so long
I'm fine, I'm just fine

The doctor has left, he can do no more
The pain is fading, it's going away
It dosen't hurt anymore
I'm fine, I'm just fine



Edward A. Amen

It is a fire pit without a flame or embers
Staring only staring at cold charred remains
No warmth, only tears and pain
Her pain - my pain, different but the same

I have been the fixer of my loves distress
No actions or words can repair this
A hole in my heart a tearing emptiness
Heartbreak and angst my only emotion

My arms bring no comfort
Her eyes bore into my mind and soul
A body now so frail so weak
God give her peace, give her your love

My love pales itís no longer enough
Deep in my soul I reach for those words of comfort
My bride, my wife, my friend, my love
If only I could be your strength, your answer

My Daughters


Edward A. Amen

Wonderful gifts, God gave me three_
Two by birth, one gently handed to me.

Trembling inside, so scared of it all_
Am I the one to make them strong and tall

You looked up at me as to say I am the one.
I embraced that task, knowing it will never be done.

Small little hands holding my heart.
As we grew together, a fear we would part.

One daughter decisive, so determined, and wise.
A young man once told me he could see her in my eyes.

Another daughter reckless with abandon daring.
Yet tender moments of love and caring.

The last daughter I feared I would lose forever.
In harms way, she proved herself a survivor.

Iíve watched you all grow_ laughing and with broken hearts.
I had to let you go, all to make your own start.

I canít see a day in my life without you_
A place in my heart, my love for you is true.

Know that no matter how old or where you may be_
Thereís someone who loves, and that someone is me!



Edward A. Amen

Sometimes you make me nuts

Sometimes you make me feel like a putz

Sometimes you make me gay

Sometimes you make me gray

Sometimes Iím never heard

Sometimes not a word

Sometimes it all seems fine

Sometimes we eat, we laugh, and we dine

Sometimes we rage we rant and yell

Sometimes thirty five years_ itís hard to tell

Sometimes Hallmark gives us a day

Sometime we have so little to say

Sometime we have such fun

Sometimes life puts us on the run

Sometimes we need to find a way_.

Sometimes_. I love you we need to say

All times_.. Not just on Valentines Day

forms take shape


Edward A. Amen

Forms are shapes and shapes take form.
So what shape does love come in?
They come in the form of little fingers and bright shining eyes.
Outstretched arms, words without form
Unsteady forms discovering new territory
Trusting shapes reaching for assurance

Forms are shapes and shapes take form
Soon words begin to form and new shapes are discovered.
Shapes bring challenges to little minds
Thoughts take form and adventures begin
Old shapes are discarded for new ones
Forms tugged and pulled until there is no shape at all

Forms are shapes and shapes take form
Forming the words that tug at the heart
A little shape with trusting arms
Forming phrases that bring a smile
Love in the shape of a tiny little girl
These are forms that shape my heart and my life



Edward A. Amen

So many years gone by
Complicated feelings and emotion
Rage and solace at the same time battle
Lost is my control, my compass

Not yet the sound of a voice
Nor the cheek I wish to caress
A small hand to hold gently
Moments to ease lifeís sorrow

Cautious words in pen we share
A face I hold in my heart and mind
Age and time for a while forgotten
Peace I find in a lost friendship renewed

Christina,My Littlest Girl


Edward A. Amen

Know this above all else, your Daddy loves you

Sometimes you make me laugh, Sometimes you make me cry

Sometimes I do both, my children donít know their power

Youíre a Mommy now, soon youíll see

Youíre about to experience the ride of your life, hold her hand and get ready

This ride will truly thrill you, it may even disappoint at times

But, the ride goes on no matter what

There will be times that will cause you to burst with pride and love

Itís because youíre a parent and your job is to watch

Funny how it never stops

Know this also, until I draw my last breath, I will be there for you

Because: It is what it is