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Bright Chimere Amazu


Owerri, IMO, Nigeria

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Prima Ballerina


Bright Chimere Amazu

Watching her was easy.
Her body was busy;
Her twists made me dizzy.

Her wriggles caused a trance;
Her pointe grabbed every glance.
It was beyond a dance.

On stage, she made a wink.
Seated, I made a blink.
Down the aisle, I did sink.

Haunted Damsel


Bright Chimere Amazu

Sometimes birds display brightly colored plumage in vain.
Sometimes the peacock cannot give illumination with his huge tail.
Sometimes higher mammals behave alike.

In a home so decent,
She dropped like a bomb.
Yeah, a flower grown in the right garden cannot have broken petals.

Last October; first story,
Just like the prologue of a blockbuster.
The characters were few, though I starred.

Scenes overtook scripts.
New episodes were born.
Yet chances went begging.

She was, h’m,
Very particular with words
Lest scruples go down the open hole.

‘Hi’ after ‘Hello’,
Mute after ‘Can we talk?’
Always behind bars, or maybe a veil covering the face.

For some reason,
The contact became weak
And communication could not be sustained.

Woe is me
And woe betide communication.
On the reversal - see me; see her, see ecstasy.

Mirage: She isn’t
Fate: She is
The dialogue would be complete with her number on the statue of liberty.

Say you; say me,
Say us
So the story can end.

O nweghi... (An accolade for Bibi, my friend)


Bright Chimere Amazu

Like a dewdrop on a tree,
The damsel had a stake.
Soaked in hesitancy,
The branches dried the dewdrop
With the aid of great Celsius.
Or maybe because_
O nweghi nyash.

Lest scorn marries every laughter,
The damsel’s mate clung to the Net.
Soaked in helplessness,
He washed at every pic
For fear of use of words.
Or maybe because_
O nweghi lever.

Lest 14th Feb. draws a question mark,
The damsel’s mate lost his pride.
Soaked in hysteria,
He dashed for the vomit
For fear of isolation.
Or maybe because_
O nweghi ezigbo nke nwanyi.

The Eye and the She


Bright Chimere Amazu

This day is like that day;
That day she dropped like a bomb.
The earth felt her,
But still she was not felt by an eye.

Years have been coming and going,
But she has been coming up more and remaining.
She became more felt,
But the eye beheld her not.

For a higher course,
She got into my end of the earth.
She was so seen,
But still the eye could not boast of a sight.

Now that eye has beheld her,
Felt and lived with her.
I am not any different from that eye.
And I am not any different from her.

My Angel


Bright Chimere Amazu

Welcome to my abode.
Welcome to my other kind of abode,
Which is the centre of my thoughts.
Here, all my veins recognize your presence,
Which is more real than my physical body.
I have a two - character story
Starring me and a she whose eyes resemble yours.
A closer x-ray matches the elegance of that she with you.
The first scene was like ‘who is this?’
But the real question was
‘Why was I dumbfounded when I tried to call you?’
Hmm, some scholar said
The name I wanted to call you was so heavy on my lips
Cos I didn’t have the power of attorney to pronounce it.
I remember the sensation I felt
When a scroll dropped down from heaven.
The letters were in love with you
But I had my gaze at the second paragraph, which read:
A~nywhere I am,
N~o one comes close but you and you are the only
G~irl with the
E~xpression of my
You are my Angel.

Never to quench your trust


Bright Chimere Amazu

As you glared at me wondering why I had four of her images,
The guilt in me showed me four genres of my flaws.
I felt defects in my body, mind, heart and in my soul.

As I closed my eyes in my lonely hours, I always saw you.
I wanted to know how you felt but your response was like,

As you spake, your tone dressed me in sackcloth.
But I journeyed far away to touch the wings of cupid
And the sackcloth was changed to full regalia.

Now, how can I look at you?
How can I open my mouth, move my lips to tell you this?
Your image is all there is now!

As you looked again with blaze, I caused an earthquake.
Look at the ground now and see all contacts
With the ‘Nil’ Lady fall down the open hole.

Now there is a better earth and there is a better me.
I think I have a pledge.
I pledge to the knot tying us together...

To wake up on the morrow
And pray for your trust in me.
I promise never to quench your trust!