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Akizuchi Amayaro


Binghamton, NY, US

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Walk On


Akizuchi Amayaro

That fateful day, when we first met
A love more passionate than the blazing sun began to form
Swimming on past all reality, racing across the sky like an angry bullet
I believed all you said and grasped that

The pain of betrayal, still engraved inside my heart
I no longer understand the true meaning of love
Deep down in my heart, I longed
A longing far deeper than the ocean

Just for you.

A longing, farther spread than the deep blue sky

Just about you.

Love is just an illusion
Making us love, why do you do so?
In the end, our cries end in despair, swallowed by death
Love is then erased, and reborn

Love is like a child; full of simplicity
Being teased without true understanding
Satisfied easily, living its life happily
Until the day it dies

Like a tormented child,
Teased and unhappy,
When love dies, that happiness is gone
Tortured; death will come on it

Like the desert wind,
We will all be blown away
In the time we are still here
Letís do what we can

I was touched by that mask you held
Thinking you truly loved me
But you walked away with someone else in your hand

Hatred was burning, scorching with heat
Hate hotter than the sun, buried deep inside my heart
I held my heart like an erupting volcano
Filled with anger and hate, and evil thoughts,
I walked on with useless hate.

Hate is a useless thing, nothing good will become of it
Why does it still envelop me?
We need to take that hatred and evil
And bury it inside our heart

This time will pass
Love will reach me again
That I am certain
So for now, I walk on

The way back is always blocked
So why move back where you were
With your future to think of instead?
Walk on.

Hold your head up high
Keep dreaming
Just keep walking, even when youíre slowed down by things such as hatred and sadness
Because everything with a beginning will one day end

Just keep on moving
Youíll reach your goal, your destination
Go on, walk on,
Wherever your path will lead you

Donít look back.
Only look forward.

Having lost everything around me,
My love, my friends, my support
I still hang on
Remembering words I heard when I was little

"Walk on, go on..."

Whatever happens, I will always believe
That tomorrow will be a little different.
Because of this,
I will continue to go on for another day

What can I tell you
Only being such a small self
Walking on through this desolate world
I continue to go on

What I truly seek; that I donít know
But someday, when I move forward
Into where I was meant to be
I will walk, chest held high, wherever I can go

Come on
Letís move farther than eternity
Giving it everything weíve got
Weíll make it through

If we donít move,
How can we start?
If we worry,
We wonít stop

Everything the world has
Contains some evil and good
But we always, always wish
Good will prevail

That small wish
Is like the rising of the sun
A small emotion forming in our heart
This is Hope.

With it, we sustain.
This is what makes us go through hard times
We will always endure
Just trust yourself, and you will find it easy to keep going

No matter how hard things get,
I will keep going

Just because Iím by myself
Doesnít mean Iím alone

The struggle against hatred will continue
The war will go on.
In my heart I have a fleeting wish
To be with you, once more.

I will move on.
I will continue.
With hope and love, all I have,
I can find the energy to go on.

Walk on.

See how many times we wake from sleep
That is the essence of life
No matter what is happening, itíll pass
Some day, some way

In the meantime I will head forward
The way I always will go
No matter how much despair there is
Find that lulling hope in your heart

Just...move on
We can do it
Finding our way to a brighter future
Walk on, a paradise will find you

Wander to the end
No matter how bad it gets,
Follow your hope
Live on.

Just follow Fate
Your lifeís journey will find you
If we stop and look back, we wonít get there
We wonít get what we truly want.

Donít dawdle on memories, the past is over
Reliving sorrow doesnít allow you to access your true feelings

Itís something you learn from the past
If you stop going on, the pain will be unbearable
So walk ahead, and people will forget
What happened all the way back then

Because everyone walks on to the future
Some get past you, but thatís all right
Just walk faster ahead
The blazing path will go on to infinity

What will become of us when we die?
No matter how hurt, lonely and in despair,
Follow your own path with everything youíve got.

The bad things are all behind us
Letís start fresh and new

Some day, our wishes will come true
The more you hope, the better it will get
Living on to the future, youíll find your deepest desire.

Donít stop and think of the past
Whatís past is already whatís over.
The important things in life are your present and future
You will always need to think about those.

So just walk on
Donít stop along the way
Keep moving

I'll believe in eternity
If there truly is a thing
I will walk through eternity
Like a bird riding through the wind

Your deepest desire will come one day
Just move on past this desolate world
Youíre not abandoned here.

Thereís always some light ahead, sometimes blocked, waiting for you.
So give it all you have.
Live on.
Keep walking on to your destiny.

Walk on, for loveís sake.

Walk on.



Akizuchi Amayaro

I am who I am
So accept me that way
It's the way I always will be
Until the day my body begins to decay

On this earth, there are many
Yet there's no one thing here that's the same
That we can be sure of.
Our personality makes us unique; far more than our name

I'm not like you
I can't be a perfect person
What seperates us all is how hard we try
Inside our hearts to be the perfect person

You say it "horrible"
You call it "strange"
Not accepting me as what I truly am
It's because I always change

But those unkind words
Don't do anything to the strong beating of my heart
There's more to me than that
Let's go along the right way and start

It's called, "different".

My Own World


Akizuchi Amayaro

In this world,
We each have something more valuable to us than anything.
For some, it is their lives.
For others, there lay many different things.

In my own world,
My most special thing isóyou.

In my own world,
Days won't pass without your warmth
Even as the tides of the ocean turn slowly,
Love changes.

Despite other thoughts,
I wonít change.
Trust in that when you think of me again.

In this world,
We each have something more valuable to us than anything
For me, itís my love.
For me, itís you.

Standing by the ocean shore
I remember where we first met
Blue waves rolling in
I found my first "love".

Despite other thoughts,
I wonít change.
If you remember the girl you met by the shoreside
Trust in that again.

In my own world,
I watch the waves hit the sand
Thinking of you
Feeling your warmth by my side.

In my own world,
Love isnít forgotten.
Even if it is everywhere else,
I wonít forget.

Wandering through this world,
People talk, but...
We hear many, many words
That we cannot understand

Engraved in this silence,
I stutter unwillingly along my path
Without pain, without regret
I long just to close these eyes for a last time

When I try to do so, I suddenly hear
An escaping memory running through my mind
As I begin, once again, to think...of you.

My own brave world opens yet again
In sorrowful thoughts concealed deeply
I'll listen to that soft voice
Waking from that deep, deep slumber.

It is disheartening,
When facing off with reality.
No matter what, I'll keep fighting.

Turning back,
I find that way blocked.
There's nowhere to go but into "reality".
And once again, I see you.

In my own world,
I wish again for that warmth
We spent our days collecting.
Yet I cannot find it.

Lost through this world,
I gave up all hope
Until that day,
Your spirit suddenly lingered.

Turning around, facing loneliness once again
I saw your face; tears shining down
Unable to move, frozen to that spot
We meet again.

I'll Be With You


Akizuchi Amayaro

When you're feeling lonely and abandoned
It's alright to lean on me and cry
That's how we learn to trust,
A small, blue smudge in our hearts, yet somehow deeper than the sky

Let's go now, don't hold back
And find our way into the unknown future
If we can do that, can't we do anything?
Let's go on past this overture

When we run,
Thereís always a special feeling that we get
The wind whispering in our ears
We run on quickly without any need to worry or fret

There's a lot we don't understand
When we look beneath someone else's appearance
As we know more, we understand more, but
We need to shake off interference

It's strange how even in a crowd we can feel alone
What does that word truly mean?
When you feel "alone", is it the feeling of abandonment?
We know so little, after so much weíve seen

As the tears are overflowing
It's all right.
Lean on me, and let it spill.
I'll help you win this fight.

When we are sad, whom do we battle?
Through this endless sorrow,
Why does this war
Occur even so many days after tomorrow?

Thereís a word called "melancholy"
Itís how we feel when weíre unhappy and alone
If thatís whatís inside your heart
Donít let it be shown.

Iíll stay with you.
No matter what will become of humankind,
Someone will always stand by your side
Weíve acknowledged that fact throughout our past finds

When in need of a person to help you
Believe in someone you trust
Even if you get a little embarrassed
Itís important to find people who understand you beneath that unrevealing crust

Being with you,
Iíll help you sustain, so
Explain what it was
That made you feel this pain

Iíll be with you
Iíll be right here
Iíll help you face this sadness
Iíll be near.

Iíll be with you.
When youíre feeling lonely and abandoned
Weíll find our way to the unknown future
This time, we wonít be shunned.