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Jessica Alvarez


Griffin, GA, US

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Jessica Alvarez

Although you say I hate you.
I know you mean I love you.
Life is not like a movie, don't take it as it is.
Although you think it's cool it's not don't do all the
things I do for you will loose;
Life is not a fairy tale it doesn't always have a happy end.
Life is like a game you roll the dice and take it how
it is.



Jessica Alvarez

Gently falling rain,Falling from the sky, Do you weap for
something,Something we have ignored?
Have you seen the fighting.Killing and the war?Could it be the weaping of the all mighty lord?
For every rain drop their is an argument,For every argument their ia a reason,For every reason their is a cause.
Or is it just the weaping of the all mighty lord
For every rain drop a tear drop stands;
And so I speak out and say,
Stop the fighting,Killing and the war!Can't you that the mighty lord