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Aaron A. Alpert


Dover, NH, US

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Chinese Restaurant, 9 January 1999


Aaron A. Alpert

Went to a Chinese restaurant today
And was pleasantly surprised by the buffet.
Had chicken 4 ways, vegetables, and rice.
Coke in American cups and chopsticks on the side.
Tried to use them but fucked up.
Went back to the fork and ate.
Good food, self service, no tip.
Wiped it clean off my face with a napkin.
Two plates: full.
Fortune cookie read:
"You will receive a great award sometime soon,"
Whatever that meant.

At Least for Today


Aaron A. Alpert

I met a girl, and she told me how
I could love again and now we're
Sitting on the lawn in front of her house.
It's kind of different from what I'm used to:
There's no train going by and
Nobody's going to kick me out
(At least for today as I hug her and tell her I'll stay).
At least for today.



Aaron A. Alpert

Everything is just a hobby
Until you do something right.
All words are just spoken
Until you say something people like.

Wait until a dawn approaches
And the newfound ways are seen.
Then decide what you want to be
And be it.

Be it clean
Be it dirty
Be it doubtful
Be it so.
The tasks at hand are for you to decide;
Make them so you know.