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The Pond



Ducks, flying towards a happier place,
Pause mid-journey for a rest in a pond,
The air grows colder and the ducks are
Frozen at their temporary stop.
Meanwhile, months later in a classroom
My teacher tells the class
"Have a good winter break."
And we are dismissed out the door.
The plane settles above the clouds and I
Barely notice time pass because it doesnít
Affect me.
The door opens succumbing to the wind
Unaffected I board the bus.
The seats face each other and the scenery
Leaves nothing to be taken in
"Look," my mom offers,
"A Waffle House."
The window behind me reveals a restaurant
While I gaze past her and see a cemetery.
The bus stops at a park
Mostly abandoned due to the cold
And all the animals are either surviving or dead.
The path leads to a pond
That is unremarkable
Except for the small frozen bodies that interrupt
Its infallible smoothness.
And a joyous crowd is celebrating the wonders
Of winter by skating on the ice.
Trying their hardest but still, occasionally, inevitably,
Their blades saw into a frozen throat
And my family and I are present to watch the head not spill blood,
As the body topples gracefully to accompany its severed counterpart
I stopped for a moment but unlike the ducks,
Soon Iím on my feet to wait for a bus.
I am not frozen in time.
As I wait, it occurs to me that my family,
We never return later to watch the ducks again.
This time the snow has melted,
But we donít see them cast the ice off their wings
And rise into the sky
Like they intended