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Luc Allison


Columbus, OH, US

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Luc Allison

A backward glance
A dizzy dream
A lazy lord
Low self esteem

A wrinkled thought
A cold embrace
A heartless charm
A forgotten face

A simple beep
A giant sigh
A window pane
Against the sky

A leap of fate
A blackened heart
A sidways glance
A poison dart

A speeding name
An unclear thought
A ladies name
That I forgot

A shallow pool
A wishing well
A simple word
That I can't spell

A lawless land
A deadly trend
A simple man
A simple end



Luc Allison

Second life
So far away
Don't want nothin'
But last weeks pay

Wishing days
Are days of old
Can't do nothing
'Less I'm told

Thinking with
A head of stone
Mechanic men
End up alone

Enter life
With a painful cry
Why is it always
The good ones die?

The good ones fly
Don't have to cry
Take a look around
I'm by your side
Hey now, come down
Your way to high
Don't have to eat
What others lie
When done is done
We'll say good-bye

Esteem (If Not Self)


Luc Allison

Your staring into nothing
But your gaze returns to me
You shudder upon the insight
That I may only be
And detest my riddled temple
That you can't help but see

You hide everything but scorn
And pride yourself on hate
You get sick with envy-lust
But know what lies in fate
And hate the day you slipped
When I became your mate

Hate rises off your skin
So that I may smell your stink
You choke down poison thoughts
And hope I die, you think
While you rip apart my being
I eat your vomit from the sink

I only aim to please
As you shit upon your luck
I know we'll never love
So I settled for a fuck

Thoughts I Had About You


Luc Allison

A light reflected in your eyes
A dreamy landscape in which I sink
A satin touch engraved in gold
Unspoken language a certain link

To hold is worth a million deaths
Held a million more
Beauty of the heaven sent
A pretty face that I adore

Your presence not would shred a soul
Your mute might slay this spirit
Addicted and dependent
An axious phrase, you'll never hear it

No poise upon an untamed thought
Vibrations that cause distress
Anger from a name called out
A healing sore that I'll caress

Minutes pass your image stays
Your tears I'll stop forever
Called upon the human touch
I'll stop this love not ever

Deeper Surface Thoughts


Luc Allison

So swagger on
Those endless gales
Exhaust your wind
Mixed with hail

Empty bottle thoughts
Dribble waxy smears
Accused of more than glitter
Star Spangled manly tears

Flower upon your person
Index full of loss
Recorded more than cultered
Brute Splash-on's favorite boss

Bacteria in the dream
Juinor rolled and sparked some paper
Naturally rugged tradition
Star's burst, depleted laser

Sliver capped and running
Streched and flexed so tight
Black and white not always screwed
Backward glanced it's rubber sight

Clementine's Sigh


Luc Allison

My friend's not here
My friend's not real
He's my arch enemy

In my mind
He talks to me
I don't deserve this luxery

Help me survive
I'm on the mend
Won't you hold my hand
Imaginary friend

Helpless life
With a helpless end
Take me away
Imaginary trend

Sometimes he's right
Sometimes he's worng
We do and dom't get along

He knows the truth
But he'll always lie
Wears me down, makes me cry

When I'm with you
The rules I'll bend
Won't you take my hand
Imaginary friend

A place I go
When I pretend
Take me away
Imaginary trend

Ten Second Poem


Luc Allison

High life, lime light
Anytime, life line
Flat line, all mine
No time, deep sigh

All day, ever day
My way, all work
No play, dead line
Can't say, No rhyme anyway

Kissing Through The Headlights


Luc Allison

I pull up to her house
Put my foot on the brake
Press easy
Get out and hold her hands
Small talk comes easy
I stare into her eyes
We start to kiss
It's all... so easy
We pull each other close
I run my fingers through her hair
Theres a car comming now
We both seem unaware
We're kissing through the headlights,
Of an oncoming car
The lights are getting brighter now
They slow down to stare
We're kissing through headlights,
I feel... light-headed

Chaos' Edge


Luc Allison

I'm a crack too deep to peek in
I'm a light too bright to see
So I'll just stay here in the middle
Waiting here for me

I'm depenent upon abuse
I'm too stoned to stop this stare
So I'll just stay here in the middle
Where I can't see or hear

I'm a spark of something bigger
I'm a dead and useless fuse
So I'll just stay here in the middle
Until I hear good news

I'm a little too big to stand
I'm a little too small to fall
So I'll just stay here in the middle
Drowning in it all