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Dollard Des Ormeaux, QC, CA

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September 11


Cassius Alleyne

September 11 will never be erased from the world
The sight of two planes gives us all a wake up call
Memories replay over and over again
No understanding can drive you insane

The vicious attack from a radical few
Never diminish the hope we all knew
We all joined in prayer from all nations
Hoping that grace will give us satisfaction

Those who never called on God did
I know he saw us and never hid
Some asked where is God when we need justice done
September 11 under a Tuesday morning Sun

The war of revenge will create a suffering few
September 11 will change the world that you knew
Victims of the world we all will share
Hope you stop to remember and you will be there

We see the pictures we hear victims cry
Some glorious day we can wipe tears from our eyes
Some will regret the day that they hear
September 11 will never disappear.

Chorus if singing

We are together now where have we been
The world has change forever; where can we begin?
September 11 is just a wake up call
When we are not together we all gonna fall
September 11; September 11; you are my brother
You are my sister please give me a call.