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Sherry L Allen


Union, WV, US

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Remembrance of Thirty two


Sherry L Allen

It seems I've shed a million tears some fell so silently, For different reasons pain and joy and those awaiting me, to try and understand sometimes seems harder each day still, like swimming through an angry river a cut that will not heal, I store these things and re-arrange my feelings everyday, and solve this puzzle in my mind of why things are this way, now put together all these pieces one is missing yet, when love's so dear as you were Mom you know I can't forget, I'll let you go one day I'm sure but now I still need you, you promised me you'd never leave and I believed you too, my mind will let it rest sometimes your face always appears, to help me in your special way wipe out my doubts and fears, I'm turning thirty two today and feeling kind of low, I've read your cards of years gone by I thought you'd like to know, they mean more to me now you see your heart signed everyone, if you were here to share with me my life would be more fun.