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Jon Allen


Oxford, England, UK

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Reflections on Civilisation prompted by a Royal Funeral in juxtaposition to current world events


Jon Allen

Royalty dies and mankind garnishes self in the symbols and lies of the civilised
Colours of security, morality, intellect and reason march beside the history of war
While Israel and Palestine, kill, Afghanistan and America kill, Ireland and Britain kill for
what? History, vengeance, land, power and greed, hungry philosophies and vanities to feed.
Human race, giving rise to Human waste, while vane intellects debate the cause,
More children, women and men die in our ignorant wars.
So what? its over there, couldnít happen over here, but it is, but this is!
We sit watch TV, see the screen sized view of unreal real misery,
Another mass grave, another attempt to save?
A peace process!
How can we do these great things, when our primitive need for blood still sings?
How can we claim to be civilised when bloody murderous films are watched by young eyes? - Entertainment, death is art, hardcore blood films cutting edge, on the edge given regard.
We are primordial and primitive, yet pretend otherwise, we sow the deep desire to kill in young minds - watch the young boy point his finger and fire and then tell me if Iím the liar.