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Amanda Allen


Pheonix, AZ, US

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A Lake


Amanda Allen

The confusion overwhelms me it takes me,
Confusion engulfs me trying to drown me in this shallow lake.
I fight with all my might and break the surface gasping for the words to make scence.
The words come together in a union all at once stunning me, lifting me from the muddy waters.
I am still damp the water dripping from my body trying to take me with it back into the lake.
I will not let it!
I feel strange not being under water.
I feel as though a fish out of water.
Not knowing what to do.
To frightened to move.
I have been so confused for so long I have now grown fins!
Now I must grow wings to fly from this state of complete confusion.
And with this ending statement I fly to a new lake to later fall in.