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Meagan Allan


Pickering, ON, CA

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my very first poem-sarah


Meagan Allan

I love you more then words can say
Sometimes I think ur not gonna stay
U were always there for me
I thought there u?d always be

Ur the one I envy
Ur the one I want to be
So many memories have been made
To this day I thinks its fate

I want you to know I?m not always right
Even tho weve never had a fight
U make me feel so good
Ur better then most food

I want you to know ur my everything
You?re the reason I wake up
Ur the reason I don?t back up
Ur the reason I am who I am
Ur the reason I never gave in

I cant express how much u mean to me
I can only say in my heart there u?ll be
Iam not enuff for u to love
Because u belong in the heavens above

Sometimes I think were meant to be
Sometimes I think 2gether we will be
Sometimes I pray that u?ll stay

I have a secreate that you should know
I have a fear that I cant let go
That u will leave me all alone
With noone to love, I?d be done

I?m scared that one day
Gods gonna make me pay
For all the bad things I have done
Hes gonna take u away, jus for fun

I need u in my life
To make it right
Ur my angel no matter what
Even if u leave me one day
That would be the ultimat pay
I will never have anyone but u
In my heart is mems of us 2

There is no end to this poem
Because my feelings r written in stone
I will always love you,
No matter what you do

Even if u leave, I?ll never forget the love u gave
I will take it to the grave
And when were in heaven
Sittin in couds, I will still love you
Becase ur just u

mom, my second poem


Meagan Allan

I never called u mommy
Even when u rubbed my tummy
When things got rough
U were always tough

U could heal me with one touch
Even tho sometimes it wanst much
U should the world was something to love
Even know that your in heavens abobe

Mom I miss you
Mom I need you
Mom I love you

When I found out u died
All I could do was cry
I know ur happy up there
But I?m not happy done here

I cant help but think it was wrong
For god to take u away, was if for fun?
Is still can handle ur death
Its like u just left

I love u and miss u always
I need u and want u forever
But I promise in my heart u?ll stay
Forever and a day