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David Allamouti


London, England, UK

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reveal the sun


David Allamouti

Reveal the sun
Reveal it
My world is shadowless
yet carved through shadows
hanging like an ancient burden
in its weightlessness

a glass eye
blown with the grains
of sand

i am sore
i am sure

as sure as the last moments of an execution
as defined as the milky bones of a foetus

I am man
caught in that turbulence:


when will it be time
to place my foot down
on a certainty....
a hazy day of continuous moments
that link us
draw us into existence?

We who sprawl in between states
sleep in between the lines
what can we hope for?
for what?
Not loving a merciless
thwarted god.



David Allamouti

They sat around the creaking fire
Searing their souls on its crimson flames
Seeking answers
Or just questions_.
A starting point_
A point_

Uprooted from a land where trees sway in time
Motion is smooth
An unbroken picture of related fields and meanings
Drunkard men lost in their minds
Speak singular words
That float, express, then fall
to the ground_.

Now they beat in compounds of splintered rhythms
Jazz gone wrong
The earth is flat but for them it is flatter
These men, These Hollow men
Gathered by the fire
The warmth opened them
Uncoiling their skins
In the hope for truth
A meaning that will pin them
In a simple phrase
And let them pass___________pass away_



David Allamouti

You were a roaming turquoise
A palette of shadows
The residue
Of a winter tree
That stained my clothes
With colour
You were the sun
That scorched my eyes
But allowed me
To notice
Those unknowable contours
Life and death
With you it was painful
The idea of nothingness!