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Amin Hisham Alkhatib


Dubai, Dubai, Uae

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I Miss You


Amin Hisham Alkhatib

Seconds pass as minutes and minutes pass as hours and hours pass as days what an insanely phase
I think of you and I donít know why, even when Iím with my friends youíre always on my mind
Your smile that fulfills my dreams and your eyes is a path to heavens streams
My heart that beats with yours, even if we were locked behind led doors
I want to be the air that you breathe, the ground beneath your knees or the shadow that covers you from the heat
I want to be the one holding your hand; I want to be for you more than a normal man
I miss you more than anyone can do; it pains me when I donít hear it from you
Am I guilty to care that much, or are you worried the my intentions will turn to lust
Iím true with my intentions thatís how I feel, will god take my life if itís a lie or not real
I miss you and it hurts when you not there, why life sometimes in not fair
When we talk on the phone and when I make you laugh, itís like a sweet dream back flash
What matters now is how you feel, letís join hearts and make things clear
We belong together, let shout it with no fear in happiness we will live my dear
I know Iím sensitive when it comes to you, but you can depend on me when it comes to protect you
I made my point thatís what I am telling you, youíre what I want and what I wish for and what I want to be true

Old Friends Fight


Amin Hisham Alkhatib

Have you been in a street fight, were you only can hear the crowd shouting kill each other tonight
It was me against my foe, me against the one I fear most of all, my old friend Paul
It was to the death and everything goes, no rules can stop what was going to happen or fall
Everyone thought I would runaway with fear, even Paul was surprised when I attacked him head on clear
I told him bring it on and be real, I wonít take it easy on you this time I will unit with fear
I was always there for you and protect you rear, and you paid me with betraying what we had dear
I will unleash my devil to destroy so stay near; memories leave my side I will not shed even a tear
Defend yourself old friend this is between you and me not them, receive my hatred within
As I was pouring my hatred pouring my fear, he was screaming please stop in my ear
But I couldnít let him go, itís decided he is on the list of death raw, I will end it with one blow
So the crowd started to shout donít take it slow, end his life and end it with a bloody show
I looked in Paulís eyes once more, I couldnít to that to some one I cared for even if it was from before
So I stood up to let him go, and told him you better leave because this crowd wants to devour your soul
The crowd protested and didnít like my role, so I smiled and said bring it on you all
I will unleash my devil because I have control, if its blood you seek then I will make it my goal
The crowed attacked as one whole, and I was about to fall, then a hand pulled me out it was Paul
We looked at each other and smiled thatís all, fate has gathered us thatís all I recall