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Malford Aligni


Austin, TX, US

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Bottom Dweller


Malford Aligni

In this mud
I grasp for the strangled sun
Wading through the damned
Infinite swallowed end

And I am so burned
But I haven't been to the fire
In so long
Kept down on my belly
I sing the swamp song

Infectious and dirty
These words like an airborne disease
Spread to greedy receptors
Born from the lungs of life

And I still bear these burns
Though I haven't been to the fire
In so long
I keep my distance from devotion
And sing the swamp song

Starve me till I'm no longer hungry
Burn me till I shiver in spite
Breathe until I am suffocated
Bleed me till I'm holy inside



Malford Aligni

Step outside the light
back into
Icy times
Couldn't waste
this wish
so long
Decorated scars with error

Grey moods
mix with
Twice daily
Just enough to step through sober

Watered down thoughts
at times
at others
But always come back
Never run away

Twice Broken


Malford Aligni

sit on your drama
your hurricane change
rattle your pockets
and spare a few days
for your cardboard silhouette
turpentine stains
a shiny new blue hope
where once there was only grey

swallow the next man
and his momentary taste
with the sweetness of brevity
but no time to waste
gotta hurry up and lock it down
only so far to go
rather go down in flames than to
hang around for the fallout snow

trials of resistance
show off your case
go ahead and kill off the conscience
and flood out the space
when the silence comes ringing
and the guilt stings your face
don't come crawling back
to the ghost of your sentimental waste



Malford Aligni

light headed
spin it on a round
spin it all around then
take it down under

sure it isn't right but that's
not the theme tonite as we're
on the same page in this
most insolent chapter

in finding my health is this sickest
uniform of torture

I will
only let it in
if it is
holding up the walls
I will
only give in
if there is
flooding in the halls

stereo symphony
in the 3am eternal
to trust is to know what's best
leave me to do the rest

spit on it
try to keep it down but it
releases just the same
and helps it back in
just to help it back out again

so much for this shred of decency
now you know where it would like to be

surge in the lamb
the act of the ill anointed shepherd
a skid upon virtue
a slip in perception

Sureshot Landslide Dustwash


Malford Aligni

in the bathtub circus
see the raindrop branches on the trees
a sidewalk drag racer
jumping all the crack philosophies
a bridge over huddled daughters
telescope staring at the sun
should have seen it coming
but it's over and the fun has just begun

hanging out on the cutting edge
a tapdance whistle in the breeze
she's a sureshot landslide
dustwash conscience to the T
a face so young
but a soul that's been around since Socrates
she's a midnight cinderella
disappearing princess in a dream

shooting for the moon
as the sky comes falling to her feet
a slip of the tongue
leaves a sour face tasting so sweet
the look from the floor
was a bona fide eskimo shiver
just like the one before
it shows there's nothing new this side of the river

Down Hour


Malford Aligni

Looking through the mirror
to see where the grass is greener
as if I'm getting ever younger
by the day

Baptism by the bottle once again
Another lonely stroll through the graveyard
Soul food for the searching
of sacrilege or beauty

Sitting in the waiting room
anticipating in wonder
if this dented halo which used to shine above me
will bend back again

In the meanwhile I keep building
air castles in the sky
where we're the king and queen of the courtyard
and everything in between

Wandering through all these trees
looking aimlessly for the forest
it seems such a waste of time
to be so calm

Complacence is the fuel of the lonely
I see all these people staring in wonder
what it's like to be
one of the alleged strange

Jealousy will get them nowhere
Daunting only heats up the hell we're already on
trying to find everything that's been said and done
can only hurt you when you think

Inundated by liquid envy and hope
nothing beats jumping right out of reality
first thing in the morning
but everybody needs a parachute