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Imogen Alexander


London, England, UK

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ever present


Imogen Alexander

I can feel your presence,
like an apparition in its darkest form.
Your chill, the essence of your soul,
is there from dusk till dawn.
Your spirit ebbs around my need, and constant lack of you
- a continual flow of wanting, swiftly follows through.
It hooks and drags me down.
Screaming in the night, but I make no noise to wake him,
Iím frozen until light
where I can neatly tuck you behind the door,
and anticipate our encounter soon.
Itís hard to suffer you anymore, your soul against the moon,
youíve engulfed my every doing and I drag you
from one dream to the next.
I can only hope to find eternal sleep, and
know our souls can rest.

tuesday night


Imogen Alexander

Itís a
constant flow
the words the tears
the appetite. Ebbing the
furthest possible reach,the
most distant shore of me, dragging
and draining, sinking- I think Iím

the weather


Imogen Alexander

it rained today
it took me by suprise
you turned your back
and i lost your life felt eyes

the sky caved in
i couldnt guess
that you'd ever except my word,
you should have begged for mercy
but only a sigh was heard

i tripped and fell
i lost my grip
with all my power to proceed
you are more than a want
now you're gone
you are now a need