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The Ones We never Were



I paid the price of knowing you,
Yet love was not to blame.
Your softest sighs, and dressed up lies,
To me looked both the same.

Such sadness to be seeing,
A turn around like this,
No more a thousand feelings
to be captured in a kiss.

As love turns into anger,
And the bitterness does rise,
The hug when we first met,
Has changed to ultimate goodbyes.

This gap dividing love and hate,
Emotions hot and cold,
A gamble with your destiny,
A twin edged sword to hold.

But as the future turns to past,
Each day becomes a year,
I watch our story stay behind,
And slowly disappear.

My eyes will not permit me,
To look that way again,
The price of love and loosing,
Will just bring back all the pain.

Yet still there is a part of me,
That wishes now was then,
Your laugh, your ways, the summer days,
Would all be back again.

There was a woman yesterday,
Whose love I thought would last,
Now time will keep her locked away
forever in my past.

As each new day that presents itself,
I move to newer ground,
No longer so dependent
on this love that I had found.

Still sometimes when the night grows cold,
And old emotions stir,
I travel back, as we become,
The ones we never were.

Loneliness Is Sometimes Worth The Price



Reaching through the smokescreen made of distrust and conceit,
Looking past this blindfold of despair.
Searching for the pieces in this life left incomplete,
Holding onto hopes no longer there.
Summoning the strength I need to find from deep within,
Grasping hold on such a thin belief.
Gray clouds gather round me as a new day does begin,
Once more from this life, I seek relief.
Many oceans, many people, many miles away,
Many others feeling just the same.
Wondering the answer as to if there lies a day,
When they end up winning at this game.
Gamble on a future lost, or wait for one not found,
Sentimental visions paint the scene.
Who is yet to free me from these chains that I am bound,
What of all the days lost in-between.
Sure as night does follow day, my journey moves along,
Yet it seems no clues are there to see.
Looking back behind, I see a story all so wrong,
A lonely thousand footprints left by me.
Somewhere lying up ahead, I know inside my mind,
Another trail will suddenly appear.
Both will merge together, no more ever walking blind,
Each step that I take will bring you near.
Let the sky be gray today, let the night be cold,
Just another simple sacrifice.
Soon this heart that stands alone, will at last be sold,
Loneliness is sometimes worth the price.

Aqueles Que Nós Nunca Fomos



DreamMachineThis poem was translated by Carlos Wood
The Dream Machine --- The Imagination of the World Wide Web

Eu paguei o preço por te conhecer,
Mas não é para culpar o amor.
Seus suspiros macios, e mentiras veladas,
Para mim se parecem iguais.

Tal uma tristeza a ser vista,
Numa volta como esta,
Não existe mais sentimento
a ser capturado num beijo.

Como o amor tornou-se ira,
E a amargura o alcançou,
O abraço do primeiro encontro,
transformou-se em último adeus.

O espaço dividindo amor e ódio,
Quentes e frias emoções,
Um jogo arriscado com o destino,
Como uma espada afiada a segurar.

Mas como o futuro tornou-se passado,
Cada dia tornou-se um ano,
Eu assisto nossa história passar,
E lentamente desaparecer.

Meus olhos não permitirão,
Olhar aquele caminho outra vez,
O preço do amor e da perda,
Trará de volta toda a dôr.

Contudo lá existe parte de mim,
Aquêles desejos eram,
Seu riso, seu jeito, os dias de verão,
Poderiam voltar outra vez.

Ontem havia uma mulher,
Cujo amor eu pensei duraria,
Agora o tempo a manterá afastada
para sempre em meu passado.

Como cada dia novo que se apresenta,
Por um novo caminho eu vou,
Não mais tão dependente
deste amor que eu tinha encontrado.

Ainda às vezes quando a fria noite vem,
E velhas emoções florecem,
Eu viajo ao passado, como nos tornamos,
Aqueles que nós nunca fomos.