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Dearest Love I wait for thy kiss
and I pray and hope that I do not miss

My life torn and sweet
but you make me complete.

My sleepy hollow cold and tired
my home now going i just got fired

but no matter what they do
they'll never take me away from you.

My love is eternal
not like my journal.

I write what i can and dream what i dream
the only person i ever need i have already seen

You showed me the way and only the path
now it's my turn I'll do the math

I will never forget nor regret
the day and night that we ever met.

Sleepy hollow the only place
that goes all day and night with one slow pace

My dreams adrift on a midnight dream
and then guess what its not as it seems.

This is my place of residence
Sleepy Hollow that night recomends...

Dedicated to Cheyanne Harris my one and only.