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Dylan Alegheri


Milwaukee, WI, US

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The Final Affair


Dylan Alegheri

Now there must be a way for me to say
The things that must be and the ways of change

But to be a wanderer a trader by day
Is not to be something that I might hate someday

The lifeless corpse of my wanton self
Slowly drifting by the crowded place

And in the midst of my anger I saw her face
Gently kissing the velvet flower on her head

And I said quietly, slowly and foolishly
That is my lady, my muse and my holy

Death in the quiet time in the

Screaming rain waltz


Dylan Alegheri

I値l wait for you till judgement day
I値l wait for you till the end will rain

Slowly hoping for nothing to fail
Just you and me waiting by the gates

Can we waltz and daze away
Choose our lights and our way

Flying away on our ghost train
To lead the faces in my brain

And the neon lights getting me high
Will you ride with me one more lie

You be my perfect stranger
I値l be your long lost lover

And together we shall recreate
That lost time in space

Where we all live in hate
And slowly shuffle past

The screaming cities of the Nile
And you still look so pretty tonight

Just like Spanish rain in flight
I値l help you take away your plight

And together we shall live inside
Just like the Spanish rain on high

And after this moment dies
I値l think of you sometime

When the lost caravan strolls back in line
And all the cowboys lay awake at night

With their snake skin boots and blinding hat
Dreaming away in some far off land

Of that long lost Senorita and their sighs
Waking the dead night by the sky

And what do you have at the end of the lie
And what do you have to say its your life

Just a broken heartache and your cocaine
Lividly singing to a broken harmony in the rain