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Michelle Alderson


Clayton, MO, US

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Evil and Good


Michelle Alderson

Why do we have evil?
Why do we have good?
If we asked people to do neither,
Who would?

I know we have the evil,
The bad, the haughty.
We even have children
Who act very naughty.

Then we have good.
The cops catch the robbers.
The army defends the land.
And neighbors give a helping hand.

We have evil to start commotion,
We have good to help us out.
But we are somewhere in between,
That's what life is all about!



Michelle Alderson

Imagination starts with a dream,
Until it pops out with a gleam.
The proper word for science,
Fairy tales and math,
Is all imagination.

We dream, we seem
To have a world in our minds.
We make, we take
Things not always ours.
We draft, we craft
Gifts to all humankind.
We stew, we do
Always the best.

Imagination all starts out
When you use your well-put mind!