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Dark Albedo


Maryville, TN, US

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Journey's End (The Gift)


Dark Albedo

The moon, the wind, the twilight scent
Swarming about me, awakening dreams
Wraps me up in subconscious submission
Urging me to forget non-profusely claims.

For many days, phantoms have visited
Searching for a clave within my veins
But I am afraid to adhere the call
Having grown weak by deceptive reins.

Now a shadow creeps forward before me
A distant memory searching tediously
Begging for a chance to show me ways
To heal and strengthen my mortal phase.

I climb into this vessel readily embarking
The guiding drift causes fearful sway
My journey births abated thoughts
Like a lost and soulless castaway.

The voyage beckons my intentions
Clearing pathways shimmering serenity
Announcing arrival to my lost mecca
Greeting me warmly with full clarity.

The Sun illuminates my each step
As my eyes gaze this landís detail
I take notice of all its rich secrets
Feeling purpose of being, to my avail.

I reach a root, charred with decay
Itís limbs tell the story of old and worth
Many gashes scar its worn facade
Like a scratching stump stunned of growth.

I try to comfort my new friendís loneliness
With a verse I wrote in times of mourn
My goal, I hoped, to bring comfort
To this fearful beingís shadowed sojourn.

"A new day awakes
Shining vigorous rays
Offering a warm embrace
With a motherly grace.
Dew drops clutter leaves
Playfully bundling with credence
Sparkling like diamonds
By their infinite innocence.
Some bless the earth with kisses
Celebrating their new home found
Continuing their unavoidable cycle
To give life to barren ground."

Stretching itís healthiest limb to me
Caressing my face with nurtured appeal
It releases a seed from within its depths
"Take this and do with it right to heal ..."

As I close my hand, ready to commend
The wind ascends a vicarious tune
The root vanishes before I can react
Leaving behind only a wilted tomb.

With my new gift, I wander on
Still puzzled by the loss of the rind
However eager, determined to fulfill
Yet uncertain of what I must find.

Thirst consumes me to blindness...
I can no longer sustain the degrees...
The ground beneath me burns intensely...

And like a mirage before me it appears.

Like a stain embedding the skin
A trickle runs out from a hidden crevice
Astonished at the beauty of this miracle
I wrap my lips around without hesitance.

I feel the spout subsiding its flow
Angry with thirstís desire I complain
Like two eyes piercing through its scabs
A somber image murmurs with pain.

"L e a v e m e b e i f y o u r f e e l i n g g r e e d
F o r I c a n n o l o n g e r s u s t a i n d r a i n
T h o s e b e f o r e y o u s e a l e d m y f ś t e
L e a v i n g m e w i t h t h i s p e r m a n e n t m a i m."

Apologizing for my instinctive crime
I step back, kneel down with remorse
Explaining without its needed help
My mission will not regress its course.

"Y o u o f s i m p l e f l e s h a n d s k i n
S p e a k w i t h d i g n i t y a n d r e m i s e
W h a t p r o b l e m s b e a r y o u a l o o f
C a u s i n g y o u s u c h a c o m p r o m i s e?"

"For reasons that I cannot explain
I have been chosen to complete a deed
Bearing witness to a lonesome end
I carry no burdens, only this seed."

I open my hand to expose my keepsake
Which now resembles my own skin
Startled by the metaphoric transformation
It slips and falls within the watery seam.

"WHAT HAVE I DONE...", repenting aloud
My limbs lacerate as I plunge to the ground
Digging hands into the hardened grime
Exposing my blood, weakened by doubt.

My efforts deem too much to sustain
The loss of blood careens my frame
Weak and exhausted, motionless I lay
Unable to escape the shallowing grave.

At this very moment, comprehension
For this clever riddle has reveled
Enduring the pain was a necessity
To sacrifice all is to gain true herald.

"Ode for the sake of what may become
Let it be known to all who will come
That skin and blood indeed are one
Brothers composed of the same strum."

Could this be my own end...

At that moment, hope caused arousal
Enticing movement to the remaining blood
The seed apparently blossomed strength
From my consumption of dying flood.

It spiraled forward with might
I sense itís approach, paralyzing me
No faster the thought, it pierces
Through me, allocating me.

Bearing the heat of a million stars
My skin burns with feverish pain
My heartís portal opens once more
Sparking my dormant albedo flame.

With understanding of my purpose
I now know what must be done
For the one thing that matters most
Is the healing power of loveís Sun.

I return to my friendís rest place
Kneel down before him once more
Placing my hand upon its cove
Releasing my warm, heeding lore.

" Rise again, oh troubled friend
For now I give you life
Flourish once more, with haste
Bless this land, purging all strife."

The ground trembles as if afraid
Opening fast like a fresh wound
I stare down itís swollen throat
Embracing itís warm, heeling womb.

Heading slowly down, curiously
Like a young child at play
Heading straight through, eagerly
Sharing my new found faith.

Feeling complete and invigorating unity
Conquering voids for a singular purpose
An equal absolution will never exist
To share divinity, resuscitating the hopeless.

The power to heal has no obstacles
Only those composed of fear
But fear is no longer a burden
Since faith and love will now steer.

"Just let the light touch you
And let the words spill through
And let them pass right through
Bringing out our hope and reason"

Quoted from song "Reflection" : Album "Lateralus" by TOOL