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Salem S Al-Nuaimi


San Francisco, CA, US

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You still love


Salem S Al-Nuaimi

I can hear God's voice
in your call
I can dig for life
in your soul
Twenty billions years
time, joy and tears
you still love
Older than time and feelings
brighter than the starts
At your face
the reflection of the moon
Comparing to you
roses are thorns
Before you
beauty haven't been borne
I love you because l love life
will you come to hug me soon?

Lonely Soul


Salem S Al-Nuaimi

She committed suicide
In a dark room
In my heart
She died
A lonely soul
I was crying
While she was rising
To heaven
To my mind
Where the angels
Are my thoughts
Received with smile
The smell of the Nile
A Floating boat
Carrying her notes
I will die for him
Written elegantly
But very thin
With a bloody pen