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Ameen Hisham Al-Khatib


Dubai, Uae

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Evil's Death


Ameen Hisham Al-Khatib

Drops of blood on the floor,
dying devil whom stopped breathing
A bloody knife threw his chest,
screams of horror between the dead
Murder their voices echoed around earth, even angels won't believe their birth
Tears of darkness within light, spreading threw earth to terminate fright
Stories have taken place about the devil's hopeless case
No trace of murder or is it an explanation where after
Maybe he killed himself by mistake
But there is not evidence for this case
Going round and round until it touches the ground
An that angel appears from no where he'll take the crown
Undead face him with no fear, and they know that he'll make them vanish and disappear
Hell is waiting to hear their screams
Now they know who put this devil to his knees

Mix up Poem


Ameen Hisham Al-Khatib

Distances even if it was far way, our hearts are
together and it will stay
Even friends just come and go but there memories
are curved in their hearts and wont just flow
People that are so precious to our hearts they
only break them and make us fall apart
Tears like diamonds that fall on her cheek and
eyes that glow every heart beat
Remembering her past and the old moments she had
and just wonít last
Maybe youíre a special girl and with your kindness
you will conquer the world
And with honor you will be he first girl who sold
the world

A lover's Tale..


Ameen Hisham Al-Khatib

Between the meadows you could see me there
Writing about our love affair
Your picture is hazy it is in my mind,
swimming like a fish in the lonely Nile
I know you are there and you will come to me
And the pain will float away like a memory
I know you are there I am waiting a reply
Do it before my last goodbye
If you are late thatís your mistake
And let heaven and hell fight until the end of



Ameen Hisham Al-Khatib

Life is crazy I love it that way
Look at yourself you'll know what I'll say
My life is full of troubles and problems today
But you know I kind of love it that way
My life changed when I met you
I started to care about life and you to
This is the day when I loved you
Now I am using your love to guide me through
In the darkness I am hearing you
Come to me your voice is telling me to
It's your voice, which holds love inside
Which makes me fight for love and life
You made me care about life I will thank you

Do you want to know?


Ameen Hisham Al-Khatib

Do you want to know why I still runaway?
because I see you in my dreams each day
Do you want to know why I'm in pain?
because seeing you makes me go insane
Do you want to know why I love you the most?
because your love tickles me until I frost
Do you want to know why I still cry?
because your love started to conquer my soul &
you didnít give me time
Do you want to know why I'm writing today,
to describe my love, which isnít a game
Do you want to know why hero's die,
because seeing you makes them cry

Do you want to know why I am here?
to take your soul and disappear
Do you want to know who you are?
well Jacky Chan knew and he went too far
Do you want to know why I want to die?
loving you is a reason I canít deny

Do you want to know why my tears are falling down?
because you love someone who looks like a clown

Do you want to know why death follows me around?
Because it wonít let me stand on the ground
Do you want to know why I'm still weak?
because I saw my own defeat

Do you want to know why I'm a dark angel?
Well you owe me this answer
Do you want to know?
I still donít know how this came after all

Enemy #5


Ameen Hisham Al-Khatib

Clouds of darkness will start to rain
But in fact your tears are falling in pain
Donít cry little enemy it wonít remain
I see your pants wet are you of my fame
Donít expect me to have mercy
I am not an angel you should fancy
let darkness conquer the light
And make it in to your darkest night
In the moon light shadow you can see me there
Holding a sword waiting for your head this I swear
Faster than light I will knock you down
And play with your head like a juggler or a clown
So letís start with the war and its time to begin
Why are u putting down your chin?

To my Enemy


Ameen Hisham Al-Khatib

They tell me I'm weak but I assure you I'm still
on my feet
They accuse me with murder but youíre the one
there after
I'm innocent why can't they hear or is there a
demon who whispers in their ear
Iíll escape from this prison that you put me in
With the wings of heaven ill follow you until then
You can hear the scream of childrenís dreams
And clean up yourself with their fears
But ill be their watching you
Waiting in-patient to get rid of you

So donít lie,
I won't die,
ill take your soul even if you deny

Enemy #3


Ameen Hisham Al-Khatib

After fighting my enemies for many years
I sat back and thought about my fears
After losing many friends at this war
I realized my mistake after all
My friend's last words made me realize
Made me wake up and know I am guilty for life
What did I gain by winning this war?
Respect I donít need it anymore
I'm back to myself after itís too late
This anger inside me can't be fake
My friends helped me to come back
I will fight for peace until I last

An Angel's Birth


Ameen Hisham Al-Khatib

In the darkest area, I was born
Where the silence went for miles along
I'm the dark child of this strange place
Where heaven and hell were mixed, what a disgrace
In this place there is neither night nor light
So enter if you want to die from fright
So wait for me until the day
When I'll rise and conquer earth some way

Dark Angel


Ameen Hisham Al-Khatib

Look at yourself what do you see
In the mirror you the dark side of me
Donít be confused it's only an image
The evil inside you becomes larger every minute
Darker than light a lot faster than speed

The monster grows in you so donít interfere
I see you sweating what's happening to you
I accepted my destiny because it's in me
I'm the dark angel of misery
So get used to seeing me

Between your friends and family

Love from our Side


Ameen Hisham Al-Khatib

You know what keeps me up at night
the mere thought that I made your feelings tight
your words of love flutters within me
and always and forever I will love u with envy
my love and one true source of happiness
Mesmerize enchant and completely engulfed by your
always and forever you'll be in my heart and I
can only pray we will never be part

Together we will avoid our fears and live our
dreams without any tears

Today we will show them all that love far away
will make them small

Love that reached so deep inside, even poets
can't imagine the beautiful site

Threw our blood line attached to our soul, until
we dissolve from earth after all

The power that you give me inside and loyalty that
always shines bright

You fulfilled all my dreams, even the ones that
made you scream

Just to show me that you love me the most and I am
always your special host

what keeps u up at nite


Ameen Hisham Al-Khatib

The whispers that we hear are not fake, there
waiting in the darkness and that's not a mistake

They know about all our fears, what we hate and
what will happen if we disappear

They know that were selfish and mean, living a
life of sin or a dream

Only pure hearts can see them at night, feel there
darkness and terror that knocks off the light

Thatís why were afraid from the dark we saw them
when we were children and we fell apart

Now when you see your child in bed, holding a
torch and listening to what is said

Today we will get you little one, go to sleep and
get ready for all the fun

But he's not afraid of what they said, he's eyes
are so cold like dead

He is a little dark angel who wants to fight show
them there crime and his might

He will end there time he will end it all, show
them the meaning of life after all

Now we could see our children in there beds,
dreaming about that dark angel and what is said

And you will see there smile and go to sleep and
stop to cry under the sheet

Ahhhhh a scream from your child's room he found
cockroaches beside the broom

You kiss him and go to sleep, see that dark angel
singing you good night and putting you to sleep