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Eng Cia Ai


Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

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Ode to Angel


Eng Cia Ai

Angel, I hope you fall,
You know not what its like,
To be crawling in the mud.

Angel, I hope you cry,
When no one understands you,
Drown your heart in tears.

Angel, I hope you break
Your pretty face into a thousand pieces,
See who’s going to fix you then?

Angel, I hope you lose your precious crown,
To an ugly creature without a name,
Would you be a sore loser?

Angel, you speak not what you feel,
May your mask disappear,
Show me your true colours.

Angel, what would you do
When the demons call?
You’re too demure to fight the evil powers.

Angel, return to your inner self,
Listen to the mournful words,
Deep within your soul.

Angel, are you tired?
Being brave, being strong.
Angel, I bet you’ve never
Tasted failure or broken a collar bone.

Angel, I hope you die,
Leave the cruel world behind,
Vanish without a trace,
Into your paradise.