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Juned Ahsan


New Delhi, India

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Love and Friendship


Juned Ahsan

Love is a feeling by hearts
and not for those who do flirts.

Do not mix love with any logic
as it could make relationship toxic.

So ur love for me is as deep as sea
if its true then i want to see.
So i want to have a jump in ur heart
Don't worry for that u wouldn't have to take off ur shirt.

I will enter ur heart through ur eyes
So no hip hop and please no cries.

Your love for me is like a deep ocean
thanks for these lovely emotions.

You are a part of my life and i dont want to miss u
u looks to me great but that doesen't mean that i want to kiss u.

Your company always give me pleasure
how much i love u cannot measure.

Love cannot be measured as it has no unit or scale
just love everybody either its a male or female.