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Baseer Ahmed


Yonkers, NY, US

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Love, Love & Peace


Baseer Ahmed

Love is more than physical interaction you know,
It is more than emotions you know,
Making love is fun, but it is more than 15 minutes you know,
Love is precious, humble and most beautiful human feeling you know.

People talks a lot about love you know,
What love is you should know this you know?
When she cries, tears comes out from your eyes you know,
Moon, stars are too far, you shouldnít promise for them to someone you know.

People from the farms they know this you know,
Sugar-Cane crops are big and hide peoples in it you know,
It is fun to make love in the Sugar-Cane farms you know,
Across it are enough bushes and fences to cover everything you know :-).

Hating peoples is not love you know,
People should fall in love without ethnic you know,
STOP! Hating peoples for one day you know,
You will see World totally different you know.

Peace is another issue of love you know,
Without peace it hard to love, have pleasure, make love you know,
So finish any troubles if there is any you know,
Say, ĎAlrightí, ĎOKí, ĎPeaceí, ĎPeace Foreverí, ĎIt is okayí, ĎEverything is okayí you know.

Loyalty, complexion, dream person, ideal person is part of love you know,
Ladies loves men, and especially men love ladies who are not trouble you know,
Again, peace is necessity for love you know,
Folks! spread message of ĎLove, Love & Peaceí to everyone you know.

Women Have To Seduce Me.


Baseer Ahmed

Women are made for Men we know,
Women needs Men to complete themselves we know,
Women are incomplete without Men we know,
Women that is WHY feel secure among Men we know.

People respects Men or Women for being good and simple we know,
People expects Women to approach towards Men first we know,
People says Women WHO seduces and flirts with Men constantly are OKAY you know,
People says Women who DOESNíT FULFILL these qualities are trash, and GARBAGE we know.
Peoples made these RULES as PART OF SYSTEM we know.

WHY Women thinks about Men we know,
WHY Men thinks about Women we know,
WHY Women & Men wants SEX we know,
WHY? WHY Men & Women WANTS SEX is NATURAL we know.

Seduction from Women is dream of every Men we know,
Seduction also requires Women to do flirting we know,
Seduction for Women is possible if Men gets excited we know,
Seduction requires Women to PROVE PEACEFUL & NON-TROUBLE FOR ETERNITY for Men excitement and their erection we know.

SEX is WHY Men and Women stays peaceful we know,
Sex for Men is to have it with IDEAL LADIES we know,
Sex for Baseer Ahmed is ideal ladies with facial feature like Gisele Bundchan we know,
Sex is ONLY possible if Women gets Men EXCITED for their ERECTION we know.

Ladies with 5í7" height, petite body forever Men want we know,
Ladies with beautiful breast and legs gets Men attention we know,
Ladies curves and cleavage is Men fantasy we know,
Ladies prove to be NON-TROUBLE GIVING LADIES FOR ETERNITY to get fu---d over & over, or couple of times from all the Men we know.

Again Women are OKAY if they keeps on SEDUDING & FLIRTING with Men we know,
Again Women are made for Men we know,
Again Men gets erection & excited if Women proves themselves PEACEFUL FOR ETERNITY we know,
That is WHY "WOMEN HAVE TO SEDUCE ME" is a fact I know.

If Baseer Ahmed have $13 Trillion Dollars Assets.


Baseer Ahmed

Today when I drank a coffee I felt a change in me,
That change work as an energizer more than a coffee to me,
I felt what if I become extremely rich someday,
That thought give me a pleasurable feeling all day.

I dreamed of U.S $13 Trillion dollars extremely money for myself,
Meaning U.S Dollars $13,000,000,000,000.00 if the zeros inputted right,
I thought all of the day how can I get this much money for myself,
Then I thought who cares, I know I am getting this much money one day.

I thought about what is the first thing I will do with so much money,
I will buy a palace, I will buy an island, I will buy home in every country land,
I will own fancy cars, I will have drivers to drive me in fancy cars,
I will all the fantasy stuff that I see on TV program MTV cribs.

Some people says, love is more than a money,
I say be quiet because money is everything to me,
Lady who truly loves a man leaves the man one day,
But rich man keep lady, and get more ladies if he desire someday.

If I have to pick between money and women,
I am smart so I am gonna pick the money,
If I have the money, I can get every women,
If I do not have money, I will get no women.

Right now, when I think of women,
I look into my pocket before my sexual desires,
All will be changed, if I am extremely rich,
I know ladies like money, more than the men.

With money I can get any women I want,
I will be popular just like the movie "The Bachelor",
With the smell of money women will run towards me,
Again I am right because true love doesnít exist today.

Sex with ladies is the reason I think of money too much,
With money, I can get hookers, whores, and sex partners,
I can get a new lady every single day,
Being Hetrosexual man, I say its true.

With money I can start any company any business,
I will start a business and name after myself,
I will call it ĎABCí meaning Ahmed Business Corporation,
With money I will have the power to start any company.

People say money I the Power,
You smart person I totally agree with you,
Money is the Power and with power you can do anything,
You can fulfill you fantasy, you can fulfill your dreams.

Peoples say what am I going to do with soo much money,
I say, my money, my expenditure, and my desires, my dreams,
When I will have soo much money, I will have so much relief inside me,
Money is gonna buy dream life, luxury, leisure life, enjoyable life for me.

Money gives power, money gives anything,
Money fulfill dreams, money fulfills fantasy, money gives luxury,
Money can get me woman, money can get me a lot of women.
Dreams can get true "If I Baseer Ahmed will get $13 Trillion dollars assets" for myself.

I am Sorry


Baseer Ahmed

I Am SORRY; for what I did in the past,
Those flash back memories embarrassed me sometimes,
I often thought of What, Why I did those things,
Everybody makes mistake; Nobody is perfect that is why.

I Am SORRY; for getting Peoples into trouble,
I thought I was so good, accurate, and logically right,
I couldnít see sad faces, and tears in Peoples eyes,
Those sad and crying faces haunt me now.

I Am SORRY; I should have realize thing at right time,
I thought my target was always accurate and always right,
I regret after most of the things I did,
Like an Arrow left my Crossbow and I had no control over it.

I Am SORRY; I am not a smart person,
Good decisions, Good thoughts, Good practical things,
I donít really have these good awesome skills,
Wish I become smart so I don't make mistakes.

I Am SORRY; for looking down myself,
Question to ask whoever hurts me Physically & Emotionally,
You Physically & Emotionally hurts me,
In Return, What I myself personally did back to you?

I Am SORRY; I am a Peaceful person,
I think Peace and nothing but Peace,
Apology is accepted with Peaceful resolution,
Sorry for you if Peace is a threat to you.

I Am SORRY; Today is Tomorrow,
Each day has nothing to do with tomorrow,
Forget past and think about future,
As Peoples advice IGNORE, FORGIVE, FORGET, & LET GO!

I Am SORRY; Time never STOP!!
I Am SORRY; Life goes on!!
I Am SORRY; I didnít have power to change past,
Please "I AM SORRY" if I did anything in the past.



Baseer Ahmed

The day you told me, "I am Sorry" it was such a relief to me,
Like my heart was a burning grill charcoals, and you put water on it,
Water vapors that comes out from the dying charcoals was like my satisfaction,
Before your sorry, I was holding so much grudges inside me,
I used to wonder you do not apologize, you do not accept your mistakes,
You do not want to get arrested, you do not want to get lawsuits (sued),
So, I used to asked what is my RIGHT?
Before your sorry, I was making plans for revenge,
At those times, I desired revenge,
I believed those time that revenge was sweet,
Ten, Twenty, Thirty years or End of life,
I was waiting for the things to get open to take avengence and be even,
That is how I would had taken my revenge,
I would had taken you the restaurant of your choice,
I would had treat you the food of your choice, BUT
That would had been that last meal that you would had eaten with peace,
I would had taken you to Supreme Courts and put lawsuits on you one after another,
That would had make me Billionaire, but would had put your life in misery,
I am glad you had now apologized for your mistakes,
I like even more the way you apologized,
First you detailed apologized for the mistakes you did,
But lovely enough, you said you will GET THE THINGS BACK TO NORMAL,
I am glad you apologized face to face,
Now this is what I have to say,
Go live wealthy, go live healthy,
Have luxury life, have enjoyable life,
Fun a lot with Women who will be peaceful & non-trouble giving 100% guaranteed,
That is because I forgive you, and have your "APOLOGY ACCEPTED."



Baseer Ahmed

WHY? What is WHY?
It is the question you always asked,
Every Why leads to another WHY?
Today I will answer to every single WHY?

WHY? Women hate Sex and so wrong about Sex,
Sex is mutual, peaceful for eternity relations between Men and Women,
Ladies should have come and talk straight forward to me for Sex,
WHY? You showed bad intentions and spoke to the Whole World instead.

WHY? You asked me to Sex with trouble giving ladies,
Men get erection if ladies are peaceful and non-trouble giving for eternity,
Women can only dream of Sex if you donít believe on what Men said,
Why? You force me when you know what Men thinks about Sex.

WHY? You wanted to be Friends and more now,
Friends keep friendly ways and friendly attitude,
Friends are also honest and helpful to friends in need,
WHY? You ruined everything and still wanted to be friends.

WHY? You interfere my personal life,
Guess what I donít interfere in anybodyís life,
That is why I donít expect anyone to interfere in my life,
WHY? You interfere in my life.

WHY? You said there are problems now,
Didnít I ask "What is going on?" and "Is Everything Okay?"
In reply you answered "There is no problem" and "Everything Is Okay",
WHY? Problem now when everything is okay.

WHY? You force me to marriage,
Didnít I explain the Ideal ladies that I like?
My Ideal ladies have to have similar facial feature like mine.
WHY? You force me to marry ladies that I donít like.

WHY? You mess with my 3Wís,
3Wís stands for Work, Wealth and Women,
Men are so sensitive about 3Wís in American Society and in Worldwide,
WHY? You mess my 3Wís and slapped my manhood.

WHY? Peoples gives me bad attitude and did bad things to me,
I respect peoples and treated them nice and good,
Keeping good relations and Peaceful nature is also part of my personality,
WHY? What should I do when I was so nice and good to peoples?

WHY? Why I cannot ask you questions?
WHY? Who? What? When? Where? Whom? Why???
WHY? Are these impossible questions to answer?
That is why you have to answers my "WHYís??" and "WHY?"



Baseer Ahmed

You asking "Why?" I wish I knew,
Your "Why?" is going over from my head,
You ask me like I care,
Let me tell you "I DONíT KNOW and I DONíT CARE",
Once again, "I DONíT KNOW and I DONíT CARE",
Some peoples doesnít understand English,
For them I say in brief "I DO NOT KNOW",
Let me tell you one more thing,
Also Everybody swears me to be an ATHEIST by faith,
You like it or not but I am what I am,
I cannot deny this hardcore fact and I cannot hate my existence,
Friends should be honest and keep friendly ways and friendly attitude,
Peoples who like me will still become my friends,
Women should be peaceful and non-trouble giving for eternity for Sex,
Women who will like me will come to me is a fact,
Even though Women will know I am MUSLIM and PAKISTANI-AMERICAN,
Now again come to the topic,
I wonít go long and speak to the point,
Peoples say human brains learns thing if you say it three times,
I am saying three times so you can remember it for eternity,
I am also saying it so you cannot make mistakes,
And also donít ask idiotic questions,
So now,



Baseer Ahmed

Today I thought about you Folks or my Friends,
I realized I forgot to say something to you,
You favor me so much and will favor forever,
You cared for me so much,
You did everything as I desired,
Outside you acted to hate me,
Inside yourself you honestly love me so much,
As promised, you will protect and care for me until my death,
This is why I am paying your debts right away,
I am paying your debts right now because I want to,
I know you are not expecting,
But I felt as my responsibility to say this to you,
I know this will make you happy,
And this is what I want to say, "Thank You",
Once again,
One more time,

Good Man With Good Character


Baseer Ahmed

As Guaranteed I am good,
I am good because of my character,
I am good because I always improve my good character,
Mostly I am good because Peoples swear I am good.

Humans and Animals are living creatures,
Humans and Animals both eat and drink,
Difference between Humans and Animals are their Characters,
GOOD CHARACTERS is what separate Humans from Animals.

I am good because I do the right things,
I am good because I follow and live on the Federal laws,
I am good because I am a law-biding citizen,
I am good because I love Humans.

I am good because I am a USA Citizen,
PAST I was Pakistani-American,
PRESENT AND FOREVER I am a USA Citizen Period,
My Loyalty and Services are for USA Period.

I am good because I have Good Character,
I am good because I am a Good Man,
I am good because I always tried to improve good inside me,



Baseer Ahmed

TU! Yes I meant TU,
It means You in Urdu Language,
I am pretty sure it means YOU in other languages as well,
Some peoples say TU with pointing finger that directs you,
Donít point finger at me because I deserve sympathy,
I am innocent and not guilty so donít pointís finger at me,
I am the victim so it is not my fault,
How can a victim be guilty when the victim is brutally victimized?,
How can you point a victim to be guilty and responsible,
Arenít victimized peoples deserved sympathy?,
Stop! Pointing at me and show some humanity,
Some peoples say TU with middle finger that means with F**** TU,
Some peoples say TU with pinky finger that means end of friendship,
Some peoples say TU with thumb pointing back and let me explain,
I am a lucky man and asked luckily to a Ms. lady whore,
I asked her this is what bothers me,
Some ladies point towards front with pointing finger,
Some ladies point towards back with thumb,
Ms. Lady whore says hahaha let me explain it TU naughty boy,
The ladies who point front wants Sex in their vagina,
The ladies who thumb points towards back want ass fucking,
Hahaha I am heterosexual man and I only love female ladies ONLY!!
I am glad I met this nice and peaceful Ms. Lady whore,
One thing for sure, since I am victimized a lot,
The lady I will marry has to be Ms. World or a Beautiful Fairy like,
Beauty has to be in her besides faithful, honesty and loving, caring nature,
But let me first give you the first criteria,
I love ass fucking so I will be ass fucking in my ladies a lot,
I will even do ass fucking with the lady I will marry a lot,
I will fuck in vagina few times BUT,
Ass fucking will be ever after for eternity,
No Ass Fucking! Ladies forget Marriage and Relationship,
I love Ass Fucking,
Since I explained it TU,
TU stop pointing fingers at me now,
But Fist TU,
Listen to one thing I want to say TU,
TU STOP! and "TU! Get a Life."



Baseer Ahmed

Funny how many times we hear Please,
More we listen Please, more we want to hear Please,
Some say Please to ladies, some say Please for pleasure,
Some say Please for work, some say Please for money,
Some say Please in trouble, some say Please for thankfulness,
Some say Please for conditions, some say Please for improved conditions,
I am a nice natured man and peaceful man,
All the life that I had spent AND,
The remaining life that I have left,
Every time I forgot and forget to say this beautiful word,
I hope my poetry voice can reach to you at those moments,
For every time I forgot and forget to say beautiful word Please,
Please add word "PLEASE" at the beginning of those sentences,
Sorry for not starting sentences and conversation with Please and,

I Don't Care


Baseer Ahmed

I wonder why Peoples acts insane sometimes,
They act and do things in weird ways and wonder if you care,
I donít know about others but I laugh on them because,

Religion is for you and you have to limit Religion only inside you,
Some Peoples use Religions as Politics and to cause Fights,
I rather be an Atheist then to see Religions used for Politics and causing Fights,
This is what I think and I DONíT CARE.

Every country on Planet Earth dominates male gender,
Women like Blonde, White, Brown, Black and Any Women are below Men,
Women cannot Abuse Men because Men are Males and Dominant Gender,
As a man I also feel the same way, and I DONíT CARE.

I like to know Women who are Simple and Peaceful,
I live to know Women who are Non-trouble giving for eternity,
Women might know me but I donít them if Women donít fit into my category,
Women this is how I think and I DONíT CARE.

STOP! Getting upset on me because you are wasting your time,
STOP! Using Peoples on me because you are wasting their time,
STOP! Crying when in the end you will be in trouble,
STOP! Expecting my help because I DONíT CARE.

Peoples who doesnít know English I say in brief I DO NOT CARE,
Humans brain remember things if you say it three times so,

Finally my behavior proved you I DONíT CARE,
After matter of time Peoples Questioning you because I DONíT CARE,
Your Health is ruined but I stayed Healthy because I DONíT CARE,
Donít waste your valuable time because "I DONíT CARE."

Timeline Destroyed You.


Baseer Ahmed

HISTORY is told and made on TIMELINE,
WORLD HISTORY will not exist without a TIMELINE,
This is now time for me to teach you about TIMELINE,

START YEAR is the first thing in TIMELINE,
START YEAR answer exactly why anything exactly started,
START YEAR is MOST IMPORTANT in TIMELINE is my lesson to you.

HAPPENING YEARS is the years associated after START YEAR,
HAPPENING YEARS could be fights or rumors or propaganda,
HAPPENING YEARS includes Time, Days, Weeks, and Years after START YEAR,
HAPPENING YEARS can be resolved with Peace, Compromise and Tolerance.

OBVIOUSLY Large Scale fight is a result of many years,
OBVIOUSLY your suspicion and mistakes makes you guilty,
OBVIOUSLY you are worried because you started something,

END YEAR usually ends with apology and humiliation,
END YEAR makes your mistake a HISTORY Topic,
END YEAR makes your Topic a complete WORLD HISTORY.

TIMELINE can easily make so-called nice not doubtable Peoples guilty,
TIMELINE and TRUTH cannot be hide from anybody,
Congratulation! You know "TIMELINE Destroyed You."



Baseer Ahmed

Did it ever occur to you I LOVE YOU so much?,
Look at me and Notice me okay and reply back my LOVE,
Funny how WORLD knows and you donít know about our LOVE,
You heartless WOMEN I LOVE YOU so much,
Your beautiful fair skin big breasts get my attention,
I tried to take glimpse of your cleavage as well,
While staring I wish to see your nipples as well,
I watch your shaved legs besides staring your breasts,
Your athletic fair skin legs and sexy skin make me LOVE you,
More short skirts you wear more of your legs I watch,
I wish you wear no skirts so I can see your female genitals as well,
No wonder why I praise Romeo and Juliet so much,
I LOVE when you wear nothing and sometimes g-strings,
The giggling of your creamy ass distracts me a lot,
Now I know reason I like to make LOVE in WOMEN ASS and,
LOVE in doggy style and Kuma Sutra Deep Penetration so much,
My wife ass shape will be awesome since I will LOVE in her ass and,
WOMEN who want shape up their ASSís can ask for my help as well,
Peaceful and Non-trouble giving for eternity WOMEN proves because,
This is the only way Men gets excited and erection as per Women words,
5 feet 7 inches tall WOMEN height is most of the MEN look for,
WOMEN who are easy to get are most of the MEN look for,
WOMEN with marriage material type and not fat body but nice bodies are,
Also Men look for long relationship as well as for marriage as well,
No wonder why I praise Heer and Ranjha so much,
When WOMEN cry and tears comes out of Men eyes it is LOVE ACTUALLY,
When Lightning bugs dies in candle light it is LOVE ACTUALLY,
Stories like Romeo Juliet and Heer Ranjha and Sassi Panoon is LOVE ACTUALLY,
When I mold you with LOVE to be with you it is LOVE ACTUALLY,
STAY AWAY FROM ME if you are not Peaceful ACTUALLY,
When NO ASS LOVING and being nice to you it is FRIENDSHIP ACTUALLY,
Words on LOVE ARE NEVER ENDING believe on this point actually and,
Simple and Clear and To The Point message is "THAT IS LOVE ACTUALLY."



Baseer Ahmed

I love Poetries and love being a Poet,
Poetry is NOT sentence writing,
Poetry is for expressing opinion and,
It is rhyme and not dialogue scripting.

I Love enjoying my life to the fullest,
I try not to do every activity instead,
I stop enjoying old activities and look for new activities,
That is what makes my enjoyable life keep going.

I love Peace and everything about Peace,
I Compromise and think of Peaceful ways,
I stays simple and keep positive attitude and,

I appreciate your caring and kindness towards me,
For your information I am good and happy,
Hey donít worry about me worry about yourself?,
Like every Planet Earth Peoples you have problems of your own.

STOP your misunderstandings about my life,
You think you know my life problem and I didnít know it,
Did I ever complained to you or talked about my life?,
Think my life air breathe that I inhale will I not know about it?

My Questions extraordinary will shock you from inside,
Use your very intelligent brain for question descriptions and,
My Questions "Why did you involve us in this matter?" and,
"How did you find out such confidential matters?" shocked you.

For Life I have great Life and,
For Business and Employment I have great future,
For Wealth I will be ĎBí as a Billionaire,
And Non-trouble giving for eternity Women will come to me.

Forever I am wishing and granting myself a Healthy and,
Happy, Wealthy, Educated, Most knowledgeable, Leisureful and,
Powerful, Enjoyable, Peaceful, Good Condition and Long Life,
Words simple and to the point my "LIFE IS GREAT" period.