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Haseeb Ahmed


Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan

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Haseeb Ahmed

I slammed the door
Breathing now
The scenery there for once
Air stiff
Empty of the usual swish
Colours forming a screen
Flickering round and round
Logs twisting and turning in fireplace
Shades unmatched
Carpet extending itself
Making room
I am in rainbow's lap
Sunrays fondle my hair
Moon's shedding its sweet warmth
I close my burning eyelids
Time's me
I'm the top
I wake up from slumber
Lo and behold
The images gone
No trace
Yes, its true
Honeymoon's over
I myself exhausted it
Dust from my boots settled

I loose


Haseeb Ahmed

Sometimes when the night sleeps
And the sea sparkles deep green
I collect myself all over again
And wonder
Partly in the darkness of the night
Partly in the darkness reflecting from my own self
Where is my path?
Who will illuminate it?
The night remains silent
The questions break the silence
The silence of death
Again and again
To rebound back and create yet more noise
With hands on my ears I sit down
And argue with myself
The clock ticks all the time
Till itís too late
My fears win
I loose!